USS Day(s) w Amanda

I realise I’ve too many friends named Amanda it gets q hard to differentiate sometimes. The Amanda I went to USS with is the Amanda I met last year at NM camp. Can’t believe that it’s been a year already wow. :O Anyway, a while back (that’s how long ago it was!!) she told me she had free tickets to USS and asked if I wanted to w her becos she remembered that I haven’t been there before. I was super pleasantly surprised!! Even though we sorta got closer while working on NM camp this year, I really didn’t expect she’d ask me out or that we’d hang out one on one.

We decided to go when I ended work because we figured that we might as well go during a weekday where we assumed it would not be crowded. So we decided on the Friday on the week after my work stint ended.

Friday came and we met for a yummy Macs breakfast. Ambled leisurely over to Sentosa via the Boardwalk (I didn’t know it was possible, was q excited) and took happy pictures commemorating our trip to USS.

Then we finally got there and…
THE CROWD OMG. We were so torn about whether to go in and face potentially long queues or to just turn back. It was such a waste since we already travelled all the way there (and paid a dollar to enter Sentosa). After much much much deliberation, we decided to turn away from the gates of USS. Really. We were literally at the gates already but as fate would have had it… sigh.


Since we already agreed to spend the day together, we decided to just hang around haha. Went to orchard to do our nails and then we walked to umm The Cathay to try out a new café there. There was an ice cream promotion going on so obviously we bought ice cream. HAZELNUT ICE CREAM WAS MEGA YUMZ. I was v happy w it. Ben joined us as we were finishing our ice cream then we headed to the basement because he wanted to have proper food.

That was close to dinner time already. But it wasn’t our dinner omg. We were supposed to meet Sze Ming and her +1 for dinner so off we went back to Plaza Sing to watch her eat. BUT GUESS WHAT. Amanda and I shared another fruit tart and something else with a Japanese name.

As you can tell, we drowned our sorrows at not being able to go to USS with food. It was practically non-stop eating LOL.

Went home w my tummy way too satisfied. And here ends our failed journey to USS.


We tried again the following Tuesday but this time there was NO TURNING BACK. We were gna go in no matter what hahaha.

Went for the slightly healthier option of a Subway breakfast which I’ve always always wanted to try. IT DID NOT DISAPPOINT ME. We took the flatbread um I forgot what already (see how I can never be a food reviewer). It was just eggy breakfasty goodness 🙂 🙂

Off we went to Sentosa again. This time we skipped the commemorative photo taking because BEEN THERE DONE THAT.

<edit: this post has been in progress since like Aug 26 omg and it’s now 22 Sept>

We hurried over to USS and entered without hesitation. GO GO GO no time to waste!! Hahahaha

I remember being quite overwhelmed with the pretty colours and larger than life stores and omg all so pretty and exciting!! Felt quite like I’ve seen the place through people’s photos and all that but never on my own. BUT YAY thanks to Amanda I finally got to see USS w my own eyes 😀

I like how my hair looks here wheeee
I like how my hair looks here wheeee
We look so punyyyy
We look so punyyyy

I don’t remember the exact order in which we went on rides and stuff like that already because it was really so long ago. So I’m just gna post like, in the order I remember the happenings.

We went to watch Monster Rock because Amanda said she watched it the last time she was there and it was quite good. AND IT WAS! SO CUTEEEE all the ‘villains’ from different movies like Dracula, the Mummy, Frankenstein and others came together and sang popular songs HAHA. There even was a Korean song I think? Quite amusing and unexpected. I thought they’d be singing like songs related to them but it seemed quite random and yeah, quite fun and like some sing-along session.

We took a kiddy ride as well! Some Spaghetti Space Chase thing. SOMEONE HAS STOLEN THE SPAGHETTI FROM EARTH AND WE HAVE TO RESCUE IT!! SAVED THE SPAGHETTI YAYYY. It was a Sesame Street ride. HAHA. I think we were like one of the older, unaccompanied by young kids groups. Oops.

Oh and the transformers ride!


I really enjoyed this ride!! Super exciting and like BAM BAM BAM. Story line was lame as usual hahaha but okay la they tried. The story lines for rides always don’t impress me. It was like a rollercoaster without the tracks whoosh whoooooosh exciting loved it!

Oh yeah I almost forgot. One of the first shows we watched was this thing explaining the special effects behind Steven Spielberg’s movies. COOL STUFF REALLY. We stood in the front row so we really could feel the effects of … the special effects (lol). I was honestly quite scared of what would happen then in the end I was slightly embarrassed becos.. not scary what. HAHA. But cool cool.

The two biggest rides were closed unfortunately D: D: So we missed the chance to take the two red and blue rollercoasters. But I was not so secretly relieved because I’m a scaredy cat and I’d probably have expired from the trepidation.

BUT WE TOOK THE MUMMY RIDE! AND THE JURASSIC PARK RAPIDS ADVENTURE AAHHHHH WHEEE. :D:D The Mummy ride was damn exciting hahaha heart-stopping and stupid scary story line but again, yay exciting stuff!! We went twice in a row becos there was no queue. The first time we were quite frightened by the shadows and the whole design of the freaking maze to get to the ride so we took quite a while cautiously stepping through it, worried that something would jump up at us at the next turn. The second time we just ran through HAHA. By the second time tho, we were quite giddy because back-to-back rides. So.. not such a good feeling. TIP: Don’t do it. Hahaha.

We waited the longest for the Rapids Adventure – like 40 mins I think? DK HOW PEOPLE CAN WAIT FOR SO LONG MAN. Super sian. Luckily our conversation didn’t dry out while waiting for the water ride (pun not intended). BUT IT WAS QUITE WORTH THE WAIT I THINK. We were lucky that at the drop/slide down we weren’t seated at the side where they were completely drenched phew. BUT RLY SUPER FUN :D:D

Can’t remember what else we rode already but I rly enjoyed myself that day 🙂 Thanks a lot a lot to Amanda for bringing me there yay :D:D

USS Day(s) w Amanda

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