I haven’t updated for so long sigh! It makes me feel q sad to see my blog collecting dust. I do want to regularly update so that in future I won’t be like what’s this gap in my life? What was I doing for the first half of my first semester as a year 2?! (Yknw I will forget hahaha) but life has been (as usual) moving at a breathtaking pace. I can hardly keep up with it even as I’m going through my day to day motions. Every day is a day closer to some deadline, every day we’ve lessons to prepare for and other things to do. I really don’t recall my first year like this. It definitely doesn’t help that the assignments are so much more challenging now ):

But enough of my whining. I’d be lying through my teeth (like what I’m doing for a certain assignment..) if you have the impression that I’ve been burying my head in books. I HAVE BEEN OUT LIVING MY LIFE. While doing school work between breaks lololol don’t you think it should be the other way around. But I can’t muster up enough urgh to care meh. Until deadlines that is. I don’t think I’ve done as much last minute work as I have this week oops.

So yes. The first half of the semester has passed us by and as usual I’m wondering what exactly I’ve learnt the past six weeks. But that aside… RECESS WEEK!!!! Plus I’ve only one midterm (and several other assignments) to prepare for. SO YKNW WHAT THAT MEANS


Obviously my definition of party is eating and hanging out w friends and maintaining my strong online presence on YouTube, Tumblr and various other online communities lol.

Plus the little fact that my birthday is on Friday. Haven’t been able to muster up enough excitement for it probably becos I’ve hardly had enough time to think about it… (OH THE SAD LIFE OF A UNI STUDENT) But I’m sure I’ll be excited in no time ~~

True to my words, I’m gna start off recess week with a BIG BANG

Omg I think I’m so funny sometimes.

Like literally. I’m starting off recess week with


Teehee. Funny anot.

But omg yes I’m rly super duper excited to see Big Bang live becos I believe rly strongly believe that they’re great performers. PLUS THEYRE REUNITING AFTER MONTHS OF NOT PERFORMING TOGETHER. I feel so incredibly lucky. But also q worried becos I’m like 90% sure that I won’t be able to see them clearly… sigh. Curses of being short and having school till about 6pm.

What matters of course is that I’ll be within um is it 500m (? My estimation sucks) of them and that’s like the closest ever. SOOOO DARN EXCITED. First kpop concert since SNSD!!! β˜…β˜…

Okay that’s all. I will update about my life’s happenings soon πŸ™‚ hopefully. LOL.

Have a good recess week all!


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