Melissa’s Back!

After a month away experiencing exotic places and people and having fun, Melissa is finally back in Singapore wheee. So we (as in with Sherlyn, joannah and siew cheng) made arrangements to meet on Tues (20 Aug) for dinner. We had so much trouble deciding what to eat -.- I think we only confirmed where to eat on the morning itself…


Lessons ended at about 3.30pm so I went to print stuff in the science library since I was early. SCIENCE LIBRARY!!! I’ve never been there before in my entire life. Hahaha it was such an adventure so foreign. VENTURING TO LANDS UNKNOWN. EXPLORER PS AT YOUR SERVICE.

(Omg yes I managed to get a seat in the train. SUCCESS!!!)

Anyway. Amanda (Sim) called just as I was sent my stuff for printing! She asked if I was free to meet to discuss the AGM so I was like SURE WHY NOT MEET AT STARBUCKS. And that’s how I got my super worth it 1-1 Starbucks dark mocha frap. Hoho. Discussed the AGM for a bit but I had to leave in like less than an hour because I told Melissa I could meet her at 5.27pm.

Amanda unfortunately didn’t understand my penchant for and logic behind odd timings like that. Her loss.

I was obviously late to meet Melissa since I left school so late. Thankfully she was in a good mood (probably because she’s finally seeing me after so long!! Aww) so she didn’t blame me.

We met at City Hall MRT then, in her words, lumped over to Esplanade MRT. Lumped is such a good verb to describe the way we were moving hahaha I love it! We kept making detours into shops and window shopping and generally being cool like that. It was fun to spend time w Melissa after so long!! ^^

Finally met Sherlyn who exited from the wrong place then we headed over to Shaw Tower to one of the yummiest Thai food I’ve ever ever had omg it was really mega good. Four of us (with joannah who came late after school and without siew cheng who had to submit an assignment so couldn’t come) shared pineapple fried rice,  fried glass noodles, chicken (omg love it), pork and tom yum soup. The last was my least favourite OH I realise I’ve listed it it roughly the order of how much I liked each food hoho. The pineapple fried rice was really delicious. And it wasn’t even yellow!! Non yellow pineapple rice it was the first to be polished off hahaha.

And it was so affordable! The bill came up to only $11.50 per person. I was extremely pleased 😀

Headed opposite to Tom’s Palette (I had so much trouble spelling this word oops) where Melissa’s friend works and we had rly good ice cream to finish off our meal.

Salted Caramel Cheesecake, Granny's Favourite and some popping choc one

Sigh it was such a satisfying meal 🙂 🙂

After that we lumped back to the mrt and circle line-d back home.

Melissa’s Back!

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