FSW Day w ST and Hazel

Oh how I love you my fellow fatty friends (FFF)!

Okay not really fatty because Hazel is annoying and is anything but fat but she should be because SHE EATS SO MUCH. Sigh how I hate having a low metabolism rate. Or maybe my metabolism rate isn’t low… I’M TOO FAST FOR IT. /ironic (the only time in life I’m too fast)

I don’t exactly remember what happened. Hmm I think I met ST at Junction 8 (yes, yes I did!) first. We bought baking supplies and ingredients from NTUC and Subway for lunch back to my house. Subway because it was our last-ditch attempt at acting healthy before we stuffed our faces with unhealthy food. We had an ambitious menu of three items! Honey Joys, Chocolate Cupcakes and Cheesecake.

Just a point to note. You can NEVER go wrong with Honey Joys and Cheesecake. NEVER.

We had our lunch while watching one of my favourite talk shows – Mamma Mia. IT WAS A GOOD EPISODE. As all episodes are. Hazel arrived shortly after but she had to exploit my scanner so off she went to the study room. Not before devouring her TWO PENCIL POPSICLES. Her must-buy item every time she comes to my house. My grandmother remembers her as the girl who likes to eat potato chips because the last two times she came to study, we bought potato chips. Ah the fat life.

ST and I started baking soon after! I think we made the cheesecake first because it had to be frozen. Then we made honey joys and then the chocolate cupcakes. Was quite fun because my new maid’s really friendly and quite funny so yup, we had a good time baking together! Hazel was the best though. Holed up in the study room until she could smell the food. Squirreled out to nibble the food then back to her scanning. BEST.

And this is our final product:


We had to buy the chips and the cup noodles because they were to offset the sweetness of the honey joys and the failed cupcakes and the cheesecake -.- Bought Taiwan Fruit Beer to try and it was q yummy. Everything was yummy. Even the chocolate cupcakes that tasted more like kueh than a cake as long as you had frosting on it.

Was a vv successful baking day and v fun. I love my fat friends teehee.

FSW Day w ST and Hazel

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