PJ, my long lost friend

PJ’S FINALLY FREE FROM EHOC!! :D:D Because she’s been so incredibly busy w ehoc, we hardly had the chance to meet up over the holiday. I met her umm.. I think 4 times over this holiday? Once for Adventure Cove, once for when she came back from Alaska, once more for karaoke w ST and then on 2 Aug, Friday! πŸ˜€

I felt super lucky to have been able to book PJ the busy (or lazy hmm) woman! I asked what she was up to on Fri and she said she was gna pierce her ears so I JUMPED AT THE OPPORTUNITY TO GO W HER πŸ˜€ We headed to 313 Somerset because we mistakenly (okay I mistakenly) thought that there was B’Dazzle there. But it closed! D: So we walked all the way to Wisma (not that far actually) where we realised to our horror that it was about $60 to pierce her ears because she had sensitive ears!! Shock shock.

So we researched a little more and decided that safety first. And she pierced at B’Dazzle after all πŸ˜€ YAY. Can buy nickel-free, titanium earrings for PJ next time already. Take note everyone. Then we walked back to Marche to eat our lunch. YUMMY MARCHE. Ordered a rosti and a pizza o share and it was all super duper yummy. And we were completely filled up yummmmmz.

I think we went to H&M to walk around after that. Didn’t see much because it was super crowded and meh, no mood to shop in the crowd. PJ met Β her friends there! Then after that I bumped into Jomain outside Cineleisure. Was quite a surprise :O

Bought a drink each at a random bistro at Cineleisure because we were rather thirsty. Sat there and talked and idk what we did. Just talked I guess. Nothing much but it was nice all the same πŸ™‚

Took a bus to opposite Pomo because PJ has her training to become the next rockstar woohoo. Then I went home.

HAHA I realise the day sounds v uneventful. It was eventful it was!! In terms of conversations I guess. We finally caught up and shared our stories w each other and yknw how it is when you hang out w friends. Friendly teasing and sharing of stories and I miss you’s and all that. LOVE YA PJ.

2013-08-02 17.27.33

and an outfit pic becos we both wore nicer clothes :D
and an outfit pic becos we both wore nicer clothes πŸ˜€


PJ, my long lost friend

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