1. Better Man – Jae Park aka Park Jae Hyung

He was in Kpop Star 2 and my sissy introduced me to this. I really like this song because it’s so chill and easy to listen to šŸ™‚

2. Popular Song – MIKA ft Ariana Grande

POPULAR, I KNOW ABOUT POPULAR. ST and Hazel introduced the song and yay it’s so happy and fun and the chorus is from Wicked. How wicked is that šŸ˜‰

Okay actually not really in my now playing list, but it’s a song I quite enjoy at the moment! šŸ˜€

3. What About Us – The Saturdays

YAY TO HAPPY SONGS. Love love love this song because of the choreo (YKNW WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT I’M SURE I’D HAVE SHOWN YOU BEFORE) and omg love it really. HAPPY HAPPY DANCE-Y SONG. I don’t like the MV tho, just listen to the song. Or watch the choreo.

4. I Remember – Bang Yong Guk ft Yang Yoseop

AH HAH THE FIRST KOREAN SONG. Betcha was wondering why there hasn’t been a Korean song on the list yet right. NEVER FEAR, THE KOREAN SONG IS HERE.

BAP IS MY CURRENT JAM YO. Not as in spreading jam on bread but jam as in yknw MAH JAM. Not as in traffic jam also. MY MUSIC JAM. I’ve a few favourites already but I Remember ranks v high on the list so it appears here as well. I Remember (LOL I Amuse myself) that ST has shown this to me before! And this appeared in Kpop Fortress also. But now that I have it in my iPod it suddenly sounds a lot better. Not too sure why also.

5. Many other Kpop songs, to name a few:

(a) Exo’s Wolf: I found it really weird at first, but the more you listen to it the more addictive it gets
(b) Infinite’s Destiny: Okay not exactly like now NOW playing. But I play it occasionally. It also gets better the more you listen to it
(c) BEAST’s Shadow (whispers: shadow shadow): GIVE ME THE LIGHT LIGHT LIGHT YOU WERE MY MY MY SUNRISEEEEE. It’s a BEAST song. What’s there not to like.

I’m sure there are a lot more but it wouldn’t be much of a nowplaying anymore. More like me listing all my favourite songs at the moment and… then I might as will just screenshot my playlist and paste it here already.



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