Can I Get a Kpop Dictionary?

The first time you get SUCKED INTO THE BLACKHOLE THAT IS KPOP, you’ll probably have a bit of trouble understanding the terms used I think. Though Kpop is sort of international now (oh the irony!) and so many English words are used to describe different things that happen in this slightly foreign world, you might not immediately understand what they’re trying to get at. So here I try to explain the common terms used in Kpop as I remember them.

In attempt to make this more organised, I shall slowly walk you through the stages.

The entertainment company first attempts to generate excitement for a new release via teasers. Here we have SNSD’s I Got A Boy dance teaser, which surprise surprise! You actually hear parts of the song in the teaser. I suppose this teaser shows so much because it’s quite a different concept that SNSD is trying out so they were probably trying to get people more excited? Also, since the song is so long (a whooping 4:31!!) they probably could afford to leak out so much of the song. Besides, IT’S ONLY THE ONE SONG OUT OF WHAT, FOUR DIFFERENT SONGS IN I GOT A BOY?! (Initial shock aside, I did grow to love IGAB)

Some teasers only TEASE like really, all they do is show you close ups of the idols but you’re left wondering from the miserable five seconds of background music what the new release is going to sound like.

And if Infinite’s Destiny’s teaser isn’t a good example, I don’t know what is. All I heard from Destiny was “YOU’RE MY DESTINYYYYYY” and a few bars from the actual song? The rest seemed to me like random tinkling of bells. Hmm.

But you’ll be happy anyway because teasers with close ups = more gifs on tumblr hooray!

Then finally after a long agonising wait of maybe a week (depending on how cruel the entertainment company is being), the music video (no explanation for this is required I’m sure) will be released, usually at midnight or noon because it’s auspicious like that. But of course, in the Kpop world, nothing is as simple as just an MV. You might have a drama version like so:

Where you get a storyline (which is probably cheesy with many plot holes) and some scenes of the group dancing interspersed.

Then because they’ve worked so hard on the choreography, you get a dance version as well:

Where you watch them dance with less close ups but it still works for you because the dances are SO COOL.

Once in awhile you get epic MVs like BAP’s One Shot:

Firstly, One Shot is not a love song. DO YOU KNOW RARE THIS IS IN THE WORLD OF KPOP?! Secondly, this MV isn’t just for One Shot, they have I think three different songs in it? But I suppose you wouldn’t realise it on your first listen. Thirdly, THIS IS A DRAMA VERSION THAT IS SO FREAKING COMPELLING TO WATCH. The storyline is pretty cool, and the whole fierce feeling is prominent throughout the MV. Fourthly, THE ENDING. YOU HAVE TO WATCH TILL THE END.

And with BAP’s One Shot, I shall end off this post. Toodles pip.

Can I Get a Kpop Dictionary?

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