Monday lunchies ~

22 July 2013

Susu and I have been wanting to make tofu stew since I don’t even remember when. So we had to go on a research trip heh heh. Went to Sarang at Orchard Central with the Monday lunch kids because dk when we’ll ever be able to lunch together again ): So yup, explored Korean cuisine with Susu, Corrine, Agnes and John on Monday! 😀 But I was unfortunately really vv late because I had to go to Tanjong Pajar to drop something off so yeah :/ Felt q bad sigh.

We each ordered something different!

Honey Yuzu Chicken... I think?
Honey Yuzu Chicken… I think?

Corrine got Army Stew, Susu got the Tofu Stew, John got Bibimbap and Agnes got Kimchi Fried Rice! I really liked the Kimchi Fried Rice mega yummyyyy. Mine was… all right. I quite liked the potato salad, but the chicken tasted like something I can probably have at home for dinner as well. So it wasn’t really worth the price.

Pity actually. I had q high expectations for the place because I think Shaun recommended it? But yeah IT FAILED MEH. Hahaha I mean like, the food was all right, but it felt like we could get the same fare at Hwang’s for a much much muchhhh lower price. I MISS YOU HWANG’S. WILL BE BACK SOON LOL.

After that we went to Cineleisure because Susu and were gna watch…


The rest of them weren’t really that interested so it was only the both of us. We were sorta there for different reasons tho. HAHA. Soo-hyun for her and Hyun-woo for me! Different types ~ Actually I think I didn’t really know what the movie was about until the day itself? I just knew I wanted to watch it HAHAHA. Because 1. Lee Hyun-woo, 2. Joong Ki went to watch the premiere of it! Sigh my small ways of tryna be close to him, 3. Kim Soo-hyun I guess, 4. It’s q big in Korea! So I figured it wouldn’t be too bad 😛

AND I WAS RIGHT YAYYYY. So glad I watched it w Susu who more or less understands how I feel omg I COULD SQUEAL FREELY TO HER HAHAHA. When I heard Hyun-woo’s voice omg SQUEAL SQUEAL I REALLY AHHHHH COULDN’T CONTROL HAHAHAHA SO MEGA CUTE HIS VOICE.

He’s really… can be both super adorable like this:

and like this:

But it doesn’t mean he’s just a kid because omg he can be like this as well:


How can he be my age? HOW? HOW?!!!

But yeah I was really like O.O O.O SOOOOO CUTEEEEEEEE. Squeal squeal hahahaha.

Eye candy aside (did you see Soo-hyun’s abs omg), I really enjoyed the first part of the movie – the light-heartedness and the camaraderie displayed by the three male leads. But the last part sighhh I guess it was sorta expected? Don’t wna give away too much here because I expect ST to watch it (YES ST YES). Had to suspend my disbelief again (what’s w the Korean movies and making me suspend my disbelief!!) because some parts of the plot was really like omg whut how is that possible -.- and control my laughter at one of the more serious scenes. Other than that, I really enjoyed the movie! The whole small town, everyone-knows-everyone kinda homely feeling portrayed in the movie, who doesn’t like it!  I even almost cried at the last last part because it was just so aww touching and heart-squeezing.

I had a pleasant surprise when I saw Chi-san from Rooftop Prince jump out (literally) also! After all, he was my bias in Rooftop Prince qtpie.

After that Susu and I said bye and off I went for my first jazz lesson in like, almost a year I think? Was SO TIRING I forgot how his warm-ups are terrible T.T But we started the choreo and all was fine after that ^^

That’s all.

Monday lunchies ~

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