tumblr_mm7f6ucxQi1qb5rxfo1_500 tumblr_mm7f6ucxQi1qb5rxfo2_500

I was looking through what I Liked on Tumblr and I scrolled down to this and…

I couldn’t stop looking at it. FLAMING CHARISMAAAAAAA. /starryeyed SO HANDSOME.

Edit: Just saw THIS POST detailing nine reasons to love Minho. GO SEE IT. All the gifs o m g β™₯ β™₯

Edit (2): I feel ridiculously happy that it’s Minho’s face I see once I click into my blog. EXPECT NO UPDATES FOR AWHILE BECAUSE I WNA KEEP HIS FACE HERE. Hahaha I kid. But honestly… the admiration I have for my biases’ faces worries me sometimes.


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