19 July 2013 


I have been WAITING FOR THIS DAY FOR SO LONG REALLY. Since after the first week of work I think. Even started a countdown sigh it was so demoralising looking at it when it was SO FAR AWAY BUT FINALLY THE NUMBER GOT SMALLER. And TADAAHHHH MY LAST DAY WAS FINALLY HERE 😀 😀 😀

Spent my last day of work doing Powerpoint slides again haha I wonder who’s the one doing them now. I had lunch w Sherlyn at Soup Spoon who took a half day ): We were considering walking to Cedele but I think we were a bit lazy haha. Soup Spoon was not bad too. Finished our lunch q early I think so we walked around a bit before she left. Just as she left, raroro APPEARED FROM NOWHERE. Hahaha okay not nowhere. But I was definitely surprised. And happy to see her!! 😀 So we chatted for awhile before I remembered that my lunchtime sorta ended already and I had to hurry back.

Since quite a number of my last days of __(insert event)___ (last day of exams for example!) have been spent w raroro, we decided to spend our last day of work together as well 🙂 We initially wanted to go to 313 Somerset for Umi Sushi. But I had a STROKE OF BRILLIANCE and we went to Clarke Quay instead haha omg cool or WHAT. Clarke Quay on a FRIDAY NIGHT eh omg so happening teeheehee. Walked to Raffles Place to drop off her timesheet and then we walked to Clarke Quay (Y) Saving on transport yay! But we got slightly lost getting to Clarke Quay. Luckily my mum picked up her phone before we got even more lost and pointed us to the right direction.

Walked to Central! NOT A GOOD PLACE TO GO IF YOU’RE LOOKING FOR ANY PARTICULAR SHOP OMG IT’S LIKE A MAZE URGH. We kept walking round and round in circles really really really got lost there. Not a good place to go if you’re really hungry either. We initially wanted to go to a Japanese restaurant but when we FINALLY located it, there was a queue to go in omg NO we were SO HUNGRY by then. Checked out several other places but they were either too expensive or too crowded ): Ended up settling for a random place on the basement floor haha. Was not bad also I guess. We shared a pizza and umm chicken chop I think? Eating w raroro can be rather frustrating if you’re in the mood to pig out.


We both bought Green Tea w Red Bean ice cream omg SOOOO HAPPY. Idk if I was happier about eating the ice cream or the fact that raroro was eating ice cream w me :D:D:D

Photo to commemorate this rare occasion
Photo to commemorate this rare occasion

Sigh we have so few pictures together ): ):

Walked around enjoying our ice cream anddd then we sat by the river because it seemed like a cool thing to do. OKAY LA I’M THE SUAKU ONEEEE T.T She’s done all that before sigh pie why I so suakuuuuu boohoo. I think raroro was enjoying it! She seemed q calm and relaxed HAHA. While I was feeling a bit restless idk why. Ommm must find inner peace.

After awhile it was time to go home because people like me have curfews to adhere to. Managed to catch 166 so we could rest on the bus ride back to Thomson and then HOMEEEE 😀 Was a good way to end the work stint. Thankies raroro and Sherlyn for making my last day of work a happy one 🙂 Will reflect on my working experience in another post maybe umm awhile later becos lazy.

Unfortunately the day was slightly marred w a bit of reflection on my part. Something raroro said that backed up what Sherlyn and Melissa said about how what I say have no climax/ there isn’t a point to what I say. It’s not really that there’s no climax (I think), it’s just that to me, the event was interesting but evidently they didn’t think so. And sometimes I just like to SHARE what’s going on. Idk, maybe it’s just me. I admit it probably gets q annoying to try to follow my train of thoughts and I probably ramble a lot, but it doesn’t happen w all my friends I think. Only the ones I’m probably more comfortable w/ won’t really judge me.

I was slightly worried and unsure about how to act after raroro said that because I have always been vv comfortable talking to her. Now that I know she feels that way, idk, I guess I felt like I had to search my brain to make sure I didn’t say something too stupid or nonsensical or without a point. And it’s a bit tiring tryna censor my words or think up something interesting (enough) for people.

That’s partly why after Melissa and Sherlyn made the comment about how I say things w/o a point, I felt myself talking less w them. Partly for other reasons and partly because I didn’t want to bore them or have them wait for me to finish my (probably) long-winded story and then have them say that oh that’s q lame/no point.

To my dearest dearest raroro and Melissa and Sherlyn, I’m not sure how you’ll react after reading this, but do know that I’m not blaming you! I know it gets annoying to follow my train of thoughts and I guess raroro you’re one of the (un)lucky ones to have to experience my rambling train of thoughts that don’t make sense to you. I’ll try to change! Try being the operative word here haha. But really, I’ll try! 🙂


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