Squeakies get Creative!

8 July 2013

Oh ho I realise I’m doing this in a slightly chronological order now! Met Agnes, Corrine and Jia Yi at Expo MRT.. Actually no. I met them when they were walking towards Alvin’s workplace because I was terribly terribly late :X Sorry girls D: Our purpose for meeting was…

To make Amanda's card!
To make Amanda’s card!

Because during NM Camp, she was v busy running around settling the camp so she didn’t have the time to bond w her OG. ALL SHE HAS IS USSSSSS. And she had to watch C-Weed write lovely letters to each other (okay not that pitiful la) but the point is.. she didn’t have any nice letters for this camp while we all did. So we decided to do something nice for her and surprise her w a lovely card! Collected nice messages from several people and we were in charge of writing it out. Thankfully Jiayi, Agnes and Corrine were available to help out! ^^

We decided to visit Alvin at his cafe to make the card so that it’d be δΈ€δΈΎδΈ€εΎ—. Buttt prices for food were a bit outta our budget. :X So we went to the Bak Kut Teh place nearby and it was YUMMYYYY. I love bak kut teh really. So yummy and filling.

Then we went back to his cafe and started our art and craft lesson. My favourite page of her letter is…

TADAHH the page w our faces
TADAHH the page w our faces

So pretty eh omg I want also Agnes, if you see this CAN YOU MAKE SOMETHING LIKE THAT FOR ME TOO HAHA. Another reason why I’m so glad they were there to help make it was because if I was the only one making it.. Amanda’s surprise would probably be rly plain and ugly HAHA. Oopsies. I admit my lack of talent in making things pretty sigh.

We were done at around the same time Alvin ended his shift! So that meant that we could go take pictures together haha.

Cue nice pictures w a nice blue sky behind us.

So glad for this group of friends :)
So glad for this group of friends πŸ™‚
Took many Instax photos too :D
Took many Instax photos too πŸ˜€

After that I travelled to nex and had dinner w my work buddies + Siew Cheng now! Lenas again yayyyy. They filled me in w all the office gossips w new nicknames for people to absorb and yeah. It was q fun tho. Nice seeing them after not seeing them for about a week.


Squeakies get Creative!

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