Cous’ Wedding :D

7 Jul 2013 


I WAS SO MEGA MEGA MEGAAA EXCITED FOR THIS DAY. Also slightly sad because it meant that gatherings were gna be slightly different, not in that we were adding another member to the family but that my cousin probably won’t be joining us for some family events already. :/ But I’m so genuinely happy for the couple!! The first wedding I’ve attended that I actually KNOW the couple getting married (and one more in Sept!) so I was pretty psyched about it.

My brother was the designated door opener because my cousin’s brother’s 八字 weren’t suitable or something like that. So anyway that meant we had to be at my grandma’s house (aka my uncle’s house) early in the morning during the part where the bridegroom um is it called gatecrash? Idk. Oh I had a role too! I was the Instax in-charge. Mainly because the camera’s ours hahaha. We waited around for a bit, took pictures w my pretty cousin and FINALLY it started. I was stationed upstairs w the bride so I didn’t get to watch what the bridesmaids made him do but… from what I saw (my cousin had her sis Facetime her haha the wonders of technology!) it was prettyyyy sweet 😀 Like he had to draw out 10 promises to her and awww so sweet!

Detailing his promises :)
Detailing his promises 🙂

They made it in and finally they meet AWW. We were all crowded in her room watching him repeat the promises he made to her downstairs a few minutes ago. Sighhhh. And she looked so happy and it was just incredibly romantic and such a HAPPY occasion.

Making promises that I'm sure will last a lifetime
Making promises that I’m sure will last a lifetime

After that the couple and their entourage left for the tea ceremony and to visit Hwa Chong (where they met goshhh how cute is that right). So my family went to JEM HAHAHA. Had Burger King for breakfast and I saw Paris Baguette. Couldn’t resist the temptation and I bought Royal Pudding to share w my siblings. Felt considerably poorer sigh. But it was yum 🙂 Shopped a bit and returned to my grandma’s house.

The rest of the extended family (save my second uncle due to some urgh sickening reason – to me at least) were there because it was time for the tea ceremony. I didn’t really pay attention to what went on because it was rather crowded and it didn’t really involve me anyway so I was catching up w my cousins 🙂

Obviously we didn’t miss an opportunity to take a picture w my cousin;

doesn’t she look pretty!

Oh yes, there was a buffet lunch which was okaaaay but I didn’t really feel like eating because we just had BK breakfast + Royal Pudding so meh. Andddd an unfortunate incident of my cousin’s wedding dress being stained w marker ink occurred when they were out shooting pictures!! D: So my other cousin (i.e. her sister) and her boyfriend came to the rescue. Or at least, attempt to rescue the gown.

To no avail sigh.
To no avail sigh.

The cousin featured above is one of my favourite cousins! Because she’s into Running Man as well so it’s our connection haha. And her boyfriend’s rly nice too sighhh. I hope they’re next next in line to get married, but I’ll miss her at family gatherings ):

After that my family went back to JEM to continue shopping (got a new skirt and a blouse yay!) and then we went home for a quick rest before heading to the wedding dinner at Raffles City Convention Centre.

Visited my cousin who was getting ready in the suite! WHAT A HUGE ROOM HAHA. Call me suaku, but I’ve never been inside such a huge hotel room before, w a grand piano even! Obviously my piano-playing siblings were thrilled at the sight of the grand piano, especially my brother who has recently taken an interest in the piano again. Commence picture taking:

Because I cannot play the piano = only can take pictures while he plays
Because I cannot play the piano = only can take pictures while he plays
Sissy and the brother
Sissy and the brother
Helloooo Meng
Helloooo Meng

Went back down to the reception area shortly after because I was tasked w Instax taking. So I had to shamelessly insert myself into people’s conversations and offer to help them take pictures haha. Thick skinned max.

Obviously I didn’t neglect to take pictures w my cousins 🙂

The maknae of their own family 🙂
w sissy :)
w sissy 🙂
Jokerrrr :D
Jokerrrr 😀
I rlyyy like this picture :)
I rlyyy like this picture 🙂

Soon it was time for the wedding banquet to start!! But we haven’t took a picture w the happy couple so the cousins lingered around the reception area waiting for my cousin to appear. It was q fun how we accosted them hahaha. We positioned ourselves and made sure there was a space for the couple to just slot themselves in. And that preparation resulted in this happy picture:

Not perfect, but good enough
Not perfect, but good enough

Sighhh I rly do love my cousins. We may not be super duper close, but they’re family and it’s enough for me. Awkward moments almost 50% of the time and we don’t really always know what to say to each other. But we’re family family family and I rly love my family ❤

Then the wedding dinner and gosh the video (one of my favourite parts of a wedding dinner) was so cute!! Nice to see pictures of my cousin when she was young. I was probably too young to remember her like that hahah. But she looks about the same. The video of that morning’s events was also v funny :D:D It was rly lovely.

Oh anddd I TOOK A GLASS OF WINE THIS WEDDING DINNER! Usually I turn it down but idk, I was feeling adventurous that night (maybe after a whole evening of being shameless and inserting myself into conversations, I just needed to NUMB MYSELF W ALCOHOL) The taste was a bit bleh. I don’t q know if I really like it hmm.

After awhile there was the speeches, only from the couple tho. I can’t imagine my uncle and my aunt making a speech hmm. Not exactly the most expressive people around. My cousin thanked not only her parents but also my ahma which was I think one of the sweetest part of the speech. She prepared a script tho, I really wonder how she wrote in Cantonese (irrelevant but yeah). Then it was my new cousin-in-law’s (!!!) turn. He wasn’t prepared hahaha. He only scribbled some notes on a napkin just before I think. But gosh his speech was so heartfelt. And he couldn’t continue because instead of my cousin, he was the one who teared up, unable to continue his speech. Urgh how touching was that. I was so moved by their feelings for each other and the love they have for their family. I almost teared at the speeches because they were so genuine and full of love. Weddings should really be all about that don’t you think? About your loved ones, about your spouse, about the marrying of two previously separate lives. I really really reallyyyy from the bottom of my heart wish them all the best ❤

Ji Kin had to leave early because he had to book in (suay maxxx) So I hurriedly took a picture w them:

Aside from how my brother's shirt blends into the door... the colours in this picture are so complementary!
Aside from how my brother’s shirt blends into the door… the colours in this picture are so complementary!

LOVE THE ABOVE PICTURE. Because 1. The heights are so cute hahaha it’s like up and down and up and down and up. 2. My cousins are so good looking. WE ARE ALL SO GOOD LOOKING. Must be the good genes. 3. This picture is made up of the younger half of the cousins set hahaha. Awkward moments are usually w them because they’re like around my friends’ age yet I sortaaa grew up w them so I don’t really know how to act around them so meh. Awkward sometimes. Most times.

Dinner ended after awhile and yup the end of the first wedding in my family since.. my parents’ wedding. How cool is that 😀

Head was hurting on my way back tho, I blame the wine.

It was a good day tho. I was so filled w warm and fuzzy feelings for my family 🙂

Cous’ Wedding :D

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