NM Camp Day 0 AKA Cafe Hopping

Or not. Teehee. No such thing as Day 0 since we start in the afternoon.. not that we meet earlier to do anything anw hahaha. But I took leave anyway because I figured I’d wna rest before the camp! Ended up not really resting -.-

2 July 2013

Cafe hopping w Agnes, Samuel, Amanda, and Alvin today! Today was a follow people around day haha. Had no idea where we were going, so I just followed while they wandered around w the help of Google maps. Alvin planned everything so yay thankies Alvin 🙂 He also took the opportunity to film the opening video for the camp w a really appropriate storyline (i.e. group of friends went cafe hopping w Agnes who just came back from Korea [REAL]. Agnes coughs and by the end of it everyone’s coughing and we all turn into zombies woohoo excites)

We met early in the morning to go to Chye Seng Huat Hardware. Shared pancakes w smoked salmon w I forget who already and it was rather yummy. First time eating pancakes since the terrible bloated experience at Strictly Pancakes w Hazel and Damien. This time was waayyyy better. 😀

I’m not very clear what happened after that I think. We took a train to umm Outram? Then all I can remember is a blur of walking around, being disappointed when one of the cafes was closed, finding the weather really hot and humid even tho it drizzled, walking around more and getting lost. But it was still q fun hanging out w this bunch of people 🙂 We haven’t met since oh wait actually not that long LOL. We met during pre-camp but it wasn’t reallyyyy an outing. So it was the first outing we had this holiday! And probably our last Squeakies outing for a long time becos now we’ll probably always include the freshies as well. Slightlyyy sad about it sigh.

Second stop was 40 Hands where I bought a mocha which was v nice (of course) and we ordered truffle fries and a hot dog. Everything was so expensive ):

Last stop was Group Therapy where I happened to meet Xingjun. WHAT A COINCIDENCE. Wow. I almost like this place the best because we ordered desserts and omg can there be any sweeter way to end of the cafe hopping?!!!!

Delicious apple crumble and not-as-delicious other dessert in the background
Delicious apple crumble and not-as-delicious other dessert in the background

Then I was so glad that Xingjun was there because she was available to help us to take a bunch of funky pictures yayyyy. Cute pictures to end off our day of cafe hopping! 😀

like a happy fam! :)
like a happy fam! 🙂
aww <3
aww ❤

HOW LOVELY ARE THE PICTURES RIGHTTTT. :D:D Credits to Agnes for all the photos (who will now see it if she reads this yay)

After that it was time to rush off to do all the prep for NM camp sigh pie. So we broke up into two groups – Alvin went w me to collect the sponsored items while Amanda and Sam went to get the camp T-shirts. Glad that Alvin went w me, becos 1. The goods were rather heavy, 2. I’d probably take a way longer time in finding the place alone and 3. He was good company I guess.

So we got our stuff pretty quickly 😀 Got food for dinner and we headed back to school.

After that was.. preparing for the camp, packing the logistics and filming the ending of the video. Left school, grabbed at bite at Star Vista (MY FIRST TIME THERE!!! Again, I followed the group of them there like some lost sheep) and home I went.

All in all, it was q a fun day 🙂 Tiring tho w all that walking around. And pretending to cough. But it was worth it. THE DESSERTS /starryeyed

NM Camp Day 0 AKA Cafe Hopping

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