Company Dinner!

7 June 2013

We’d only just started work when we were told there was gna be a company dinner and we were invited! FREE FOOD + STEAMBOAT = MUST GO. Hahaha so Melissa and I were prettyyy excited about it. She even specially wore her loose pants to work. We headed over to Marina Square immediately after work anddd we were the second group to arrive heh. So we got to choose a table for four – just nice for the four of us πŸ˜€ The food was super yummy. Each of us had our own little boat to steam food in and we could even order from the cooked food menu. BACON WRAPPED PRAWNS OMG I LOVED ITTTTT. Mega yummy hahaha.

Then being the noob that I was, I took maggi mee sigh sorry sorry everyone at the table. We ended up burying the noodles/rice that we couldn’t finish under other debris hahaha. Oops. But we really ordered A LOT. There was hardly any space at our table for anything else else – we even had to stack the food on top of each other wow.

Other than the food, the company (lolol punnnn) was good too. Pigging out w Melissa, Sherlyn and Joannah wheeeee.

Work buddies ~
Work buddies ~

Obviously this picture was taken AFTER our meal because we were too busy eating during our meal to think of anything like taking pictures HAHA. Oh and omg the BEST part of the meal was the dessert becos it was chocolate fondue and ICE CREAMMMMM. I had matcha ice cream and we added the chocolate fondue to our ice cream which made it even more yummy.

Oh and we added marshmallows to the fondue and they melted AND AHHH super yummy so happy all sweet and yummy and yummy I think you get the idea. So yuppp we had a rly good time that night during dinner πŸ™‚

One more picture before we ended the day :)
One more picture before we ended the day πŸ™‚

After that Melissa and Joannah headed off first AND DUM DUM DUM DUMMMMM THAT’S WHEN ALL THE TROUBLE STARTED. Because they went home w two other (rather young and slightly immature tsk) colleagues and they had what they thought was q innocent conversation w them. BUT THEN OHHH NOOOOO. Turns out my mum was right when she said you cannot be friends w your colleagues tsk. The trouble started on the following Thursday (Melissa was on leave in Taiwan at that time also. Bad timing haha) when those two went back to work and SPREAD THE WORD about how much we were paid and other details about us. Omg talk about gossipy. So yeah. Wasn’t v good. And it was worse for them la partly becos we had Sherlyn HOHO. How silly of them to make us their adversary.

But we were blissfully unaware of this on Friday! Sherlyn and I walked around Marina Square and chatted which was nice because I hardly spend any time alone w Sherlyn and it’s nice to catch up w her once in awhile πŸ™‚ Thennn I went home and had to hurry to go sleep because NM Pre-Camp was over the weekend.

Ending this post w a picture of Melissa and I and her awkwardly placed hand!


Company Dinner!

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