Recital Time! (Part 2)

AND THE DAY OF THE RECITAL FINALLY CAME. Actually right if you rly want me to blog about it, there isn’t much to say. Much of the event was spent waiting for our turn and watching the other performances on the small screen. Oh there were rehearsals also of course but not many times.

Jazz Funk was the last item of Act 2. Actually I doubt the audience really paid attention to what was what. It was probably just one huge dance production w/o much distinction between Acts/ items hahaha. My mum said it all kinda blurred together for her after awhile -.- anyway. Since I was in Act 2, I only had to get to the Drama Centre by about noon for our full dress rehearsal. Which is goood because it gave me time to sleep in which was much appreciated given my hectic schedule over the weekend (Jitterbugs weekend!)

OH I REMEMBER WHAT HAPPPENED ALREADY. My mum was available so that meant I could drive down to drama centre. So I picked Hazel up and zoom zoom off we went to our first performance together ^^ and we weren’t that late I think. Also, Jitterbugs’ recital was held at drama centre last year so we weren’t that lost so yay win! šŸ˜€

Got to the dressing room, changed and then… MAKEUP TIME. Which was meh. All I can do is slap on makeup for the kids hahaha easy stuff. Thankfully my mum applied the basic stuff for me already so actually all I had to do was the eye makeup which.. I couldn’t do at all ): Lucky Hazel had her friends from her Jazz item to help her! But I was left struggling on my own sigh pie. I ended up asking one of the dancers from the Jazz Funk item (the one who knows my cousin!) to help me! And she was v nice about it so yay lucky me as well ^^

After that we had our full dress rehearsal. First time dancing w/o the mirror in front of us and I thinkkk it went quite okay? WAS FUN AND EXCITING :D:D Finally part of a dance performance again sighhh felt so nice šŸ˜€ After that um I think we had another tech run and then it was sorta like free time/ dinner time. WAS SOOO HUNGRY D: But didn’t wna eat too much either because we were worried that we’d be too full to dance. So Hazel and I shared a bowl of ramen.

On our way back to the Drama Centre, I SAW MY FAMILY! :D:D They were there pretty early because 1. It was free seating and 2. They wanted to have dinner. My mum wasn’t v happy about the way the eye make up was done I think -.- Oh well doesn’t matter. But yeah, more and more excited by then šŸ˜€

After a REALLYYYYY long time of waiting around, the recital finally started! And meh, being backstage isn’t v fun becos you know there are awesome dance performances going on outside but you can’t watch it because you’re in the dressing room. And the TINY tv backstage is rly.. you have to crane your neck to watch it. Tiring much. So we ended up taking pictures in that time / trying to watch the performances / stoning. Oh and texting I guess.

Waiting for Jazz Funk to start!
Waiting for Jazz Funk to start!
And a closer look at our 2 for $30 Cotton On shoes hahaha
And a closer look at our 2 for $30 Cotton On shoes hahaha

Hazel’s Jazz item was the first item of Act 2! THENNNNN after another slightly long wait, it was finally time for Jazz Funk! SO EXCITING. I was q nervous I think.. Can’t exactly remember. And I kept wondering where my family and two friends were seated haha. But I thinkkk I did okay! šŸ˜€ Here’s a video for you to judge for yourself šŸ™‚ ACTUALLY IF YOU’RE READING THIS, I probably already made you watch it hahahaha. Nevertheless, here it is for reference:

SUPER EXCITED hahahaha. After the performance I was shaking and all that from excitement hahaha. And the amused texts from raroro and susu. /shy

After that… was more sitting around and taking pictures -.- TOLD YOU THERE’S NOTHING MUCH TO BLOG ABOUT. I think being the audience would give me more to blog about.

… Not that I’d rather be the audience la. I rly loved performing :D:D

After that was curtain call which was ratherrrr funny becos it ended up sounding a bit like the dancers were having some clubbing session on stage w them going eh wa eh wa (HEH SHUITA I EH WA-ED W/O GOING TO A CLUB STBY) Then once they had a debrief sorta farewell thing for Mycs (fav instructor D: she went back to Philippines alr sigh, will miss her and her classes), Hazel and I rushed out to meet our friends and family šŸ˜€

Thankies for coming raroro and susu <3
Thankies for coming raroro and susu ā¤

Ran off to say hi to Hazel’s friends (who got me flowers too, which was vv nice of them!) Oh and Kelly got me a sunflower too! HAPPY šŸ˜€

Yup then went home and took a few more pictures before removing the heavy makeup and going to sleep.

All in all it was a good experience šŸ˜€ Not sure if I wna repeat it next year tho.. the rehearsals were really URGH and we have to spend money and… Mycs isn’t here anyway :/ Oh well we’ll see šŸ˜€


Recital Time! (Part 2)

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