Recital Time! (Part 1)


Finally gna blog about the Danzpeople recital which has happened more a month ago. Since it was such a huge event, I’m gna break it up into sections to blog about it ^^


The recital itself was several months of hard work ): Initially I didn’t really wna participate. Okay no. How do I say this hmm. I wanted to perform! Really wanted to since I didn’t get to perform in CAC+us due to ballet commitments. However, I was worried about school and not sure if my parents would allow. BUT AS USUAL Hazel convinced me (probably wasn’t that difficult to convince). Also, because the rehearsals were on Tuesdays and Wednesdays were my free day. That was probably the biggest reason why my parents allowed it.

Rehearsals were DAMN SIAN. The jazz funk item was composed of three choreography from three different instructors. And they wanted us to be in at least two of the instructors’ items. That meant going for an extra class which = more $$ spent. I was q shocked and super close to backing out and when I realised that we had to pay for additional lessons ($120 for 8 lessons). Since they taught the choreo during their lessons, it meant we had to go for lessons + the usual rehearsal hours from 9.30pm-11pm. So my entire Tuesday night from 7.30pm onwards was spent at Pomo. Meh.

Also the late hour we ended! D: Hazel was super worried about the timings for the last bus. We ended up always hurrying to the bus stop immediately after rehearsals while checking our phones for the timing of the bus. Thankfully my daddy would occasionally pick us up from there ^^ Super thankful for that becos if not I’d reach home q late every week ): Yay to parents who are willing to be chauffeurs πŸ™‚ Didn’t make it for most of the Act 2 rehearsals becos.. actually I don’t remember why. Probably becos the rehearsals were usually near/the day before my exams or something like that. But from what I heard, it wasn’t like they did much during those rehearsals anyway. GLAD WE DIDN’T WASTE OUR TIME HEH.


Being the stingy, cheapo people Hazel and I are, we were determined to spend as little money as possible on our costumes. The only requirements were red and black so we were like, okay. Black shorts, red top, black shoes. We got our black shoes from Cotton On (two for $30!!) and red tops from Bugis (Hazel’s fav place to shop really).

Then we wore that for the full dress rehearsal which went okay but was tiring. Oh yeah it happened after FASS Open House (where I earned money YAY) so I had to rush down. Luckily I made it in time before it was the Jazz Funk’s item to run through the item. Anyway back to the costume. Wore it for the full dress but nobody said anything about it so we happily thought it was okay.

On the Tuesday of the week of the recital (our last rehearsal!) WE WERE TOLD THAT OUR COSTUMES FAIL. LIKE BEYOND FAIL. Completely not recital costume material omg. So last minute panic. I was working then already so I only had the nights to buy something else. Friday was the recital day already so omg rly panic. And I was mega annoyed at how last minute they were. URGH. Why couldn’t they have told us earlier!! Boo urgh angst even now I was so frustrated.

Anyway this is what we were wearing. Oops you probably can’t tell. Point is that we looked q similar because same outfits w minor differences. Took this picture before we failed costume check (hence the happy faces) :

because mirror reflections are so cool
because mirror reflections are so cool

I managed to assemble my costume w/o buying anything actually ^^ Ended up borrowing a shimmery blouse (which I have yet to return), my mum’s red shorts, and raroro’s red jacket. Only had to buy fierce bracelets and my $15 shoes hoho. Also borrowed accessories from raroro yayy SHE’S THE BEST :D:D

On asking friends to comeΒ 

I only had raroro and susu coming to support me. WHICH WAS RLY RLY NICE OF THEM. Firstly because the tix were DAMN EX. Like $28 gosh q ex especially since we’re only students ): PJ and ST couldn’t come because PJ was overseas and ST had duty sighh. NEXT TIME! πŸ˜€

My whole family came tho (i.e. my grandma and my parents and my siblings) so that was a lot of support already teehee.

At times I’d feel a bit sad because Hazel had her posse of friends coming to support her but.. I didn’t rly wna ask my friends to fork out $28. PLUS ACTUALLY THE MAIN POINT IS THAT I DIDN’T REALLY HAVE OTHER FRIENDS LA OKAY I ADMIT IT HAHA. So I was super glad and thankful that raroro and susu could come down to watch me. Also was glad that they enjoyed the concert! I would have felt mega guilty if they didn’t like the rest of the concert :X

THAT’S ALL FOR TODAY. Too tired to blog about the actual recital day itself. Will probably do it another day (HAHA MAYBE ANOTHER MONTH LATER. Or not. We’ll see ~ )

Recital Time! (Part 1)

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