Of Free Food

16 July, Tuesday
On Tues, Agnes and I went to visit Amanda who’s been working at the Japanese food fair at Taka! πŸ™‚ glad she was able to join me despite my last minute invitation ^^

Got there before Agnes so I was roaming around hunting Amanda hahaha. Walked around the food fest at the open area at least thrice but I couldn’t spot her AT ALL ): So I was getting a bit worried – WHY DID SHE DISAPPEAR. But I was prettyyyy sure she was working because 1. I memorised her schedule LOL and 2. I confirmed that she was working w her in the afternoon! So meh. Decided to call her and give up on tryna surprise her. BUT SHE DIDN’T PICK UP. So I tried calling Sze Ming who didn’t pick up also. My overactive imagination then decided that there was some conspiracy against me HAHA.

Finally Amanda picked up my second call!! So I located her deep inside the so very MINI Japanese food fair -.- zzz YOU SHOULD BE CLEARER NEXT TIME MANDY. How can people surprise you if you’re not helping!! Hahahaha.

Then I ate the cold ramen sample which was SUPER YUMMY. After I finished, Agnes arrived! So I went to pick her up πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ hahaha. And we managed to surprise Amanda because she didn’t expect to see Agnes. YAY SUCCESS. I rly love giving people happy surprises if you haven’t realised by now. (In return, of course I don’t mind RECEIVING surprises heh /hint)

Agnes had the cold ramen as well! Then we shared the hot ramen Amanda cooked for us. Thankfully I’m still able and well after that.

KIDDING. The hot ramen was yummy too but I prefer the cold one because the noodles had more taste! But the hot ramen had yummy miso soup. So that’s a point in its favour ^^

AFTER THAT AGNES AND I LEFT AND IT ALL WENT DOWNHILL HAHAHAHA. We had our dinner of samples omg IT WAS SO GOOD. Partly because it was free and partly because it was so fun grabbing samples and mostly because it was good food. Huge variety haha it was a buffet of samples from all over the world!! Yayzors happy tummy happy wallet happy me.

Halfway through our expedition, Hazel joined us! Yay haven’t seen her in more than a month aww that qt. We hardly talked also because she’s busy and I was busy so yeah ):

And Hazel joined us in our shamelessness omg hahaha. Showed her where all the good stuff was. Hibiscus jam is actually pretty good!! My favourite one teehee. It’s v funny watching Hazel take the free samples tho. She likes to hesitate and act like she’s actually gna buy and try to play it cool. QUITE HILARIOUS.

So yup. We were q full by the end of everything. Bid goodbye to Amanda and left for homeee.

It was a good evening ^^

Thanks for treating us to ramen Amanda β™₯
And thank you Agnes for joining me yayyy. Happy happy!Β 

Of Free Food

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