My parents finally bought a new oven omg YAY YAY. I’ve been waiting so long. No excuses for me not to bake anymore ^^
The old oven was sorta working okay I guess? But it was anyone’s guess whether or not whatever was in the oven would turn out fine because the heat seemed q uncontrollable.

I remember one incident when my mum and I were baking cookies, we popped them in the oven and after we turned our backs for a bit, IT WAS ALL BURNT. And when we opened the oven, black smoke was BILLOWING OUT OF THE OVEN. It was most exciting hahaha.

So anyway. I insisted on baking because I wanted to try the new oven. Bought the ingredients for choc chip cookies and we started baking after dinner at about.. 10plus?

It was q fun! 😀 because my daddy helped too. So all three of us were in the kitchen mixing and measuring and mixing and mixing.


Our end product yayyy! 😀

Super tired today tho zz. WILL SURVIVE THE WORKDAY.


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