Mengy’s Sixteen!

This post is slightly over a month late since my brother’s birthday was on 28 May. But it’s oaks, what matters is that I actually recorded it down here ^^

I was q excited about my brother’s birthday this year because it’s a special year (16!) And I’d be free to plan a surprise birthday party for him. So mei and I had it all worked out. She’d liaise w his friends (by adding one of them on Facebook) and then we’ll create a group WhatsApp chat and then the we’d be able to start the planning proper. But things started to go wrong from our v first step…

MY BROTHER’S FRIEND TOLD HIM WE ADDED HIM ON FACEBOOK T.T so as usual my brother thought we were being weird and were tryna stalk him. Omg so annoying right. Totally didn’t appreciate our goodwill. But the friend accepted the friend request and created the group for us. So minor hiccup there only. My sis was so cute!! She even saved his name as something else on her phone in case my brother saw it hahaha. Totally into it.

But as the days drew closer.. WE FOUND OUT THAT HE WAS PLANNING HIS OWN PARTY OMG THAT WAS SO INFURIATING. He had it all thought out – basketball w his friends then a bbq at night after their exam in the morning the day before his birthday. -.- so what could we do but cancel our plans. Not that we got v far because his friends weren’t really cooperating w us. So the only surprise we could give him was by arranging to get the ice cream cake delivered on the bbq day rather than his actual birthday.

So yep in the end we didn’t plan anything -.- fail or whaaaat. But the bbq was not bad. I didn’t do anything ^^ DIDNT GET TO EAT MARSHMALLOWS ALSO. Boo.

Then on his actual birthday we had a little birthday celebration w only the family. With another cake which was equally yummy yay! Double celebrations wow I think it’s the first time we had that.

I think he had fun during his birthday tho! I have another chance to redeem myself for mei’s birthday hmm… I’m sure HER friends would be more cooperative.

Aww ♥ love my siblings!
Mengy’s Sixteen!

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