Town w the hipster brother

This happened AGES ago I can hardly remember the day it occurred ): but the day is still q fresh in my head so I can still blog about it ^^

When we were young, my brother and I had q an antagonistic relationship. We barely spoke to each other, and when we did, we were most likely being petty w each other or something equally childish. So whatever love I had for him was buried under a heavy dose of sibling rivalry. I actually think that we couldn’t get along not only because we were immature but also because our characters are too similar. While my sissy is the peace loving middle child, both meng and I are squabbling to be the centre of attraction. We’re both apt at lying and scheming to get what we want,  but my sis is as honest as they come. Obviously being so alike posed q a problem.

But somewhere along the years, we both grew up. We started to get along better and yeah, the sibling rivalry more or less disappeared completely. We mellowed to some form of friendly teasing, which is q nice imo. Of course he’s still closer to my sissy, as am I, but this works for me 😀

Now that I got the long background story out of the way, you’ll get why I was so thrilled when there was one Sunday when my brother and I were free and he wanted to make a trip down to Kino and only the both of us went.

And my brother.

How cool is that right. Hahahah.

Of course, going to Kino was only PART of the agenda. Our official cover story heh. In fact, he gave me an insight into his world of expensive taste and hype brands T.T how he can be so willing to spend so much on clothes is something I have yet to understand. But okay. I’ve a cool brother!

Because I was worried that I’d embarrass him w my cheap Cotton On clothes, I jokingly asked him if I could borrow his clothes AND HE DID WOW. was it my lucky day or what HAHA

Then in the train… he whipped out a cap AND TA DAAHHHH MY OUTFIT WAS COMPLETE. There is something a bit sad about the fact that my brother has cooler (read: more expensive) clothes than me and probably accessorises more than me. But I can’t bring myself to care about it hahaha.

So we went to the central Hype area (okay I’m kidding. We went to Mandarin Gallery which means about the same thing) and browsed through a few stores before going to the main point of the day.



It was such an experience watching my brother in his element hahaha.

Oh and we taught my daddy how to use #ootd which translates to 今天的穿着. He went home to show off his newly acquired lingo to my mum and called her a mountain tortoise for not knowing. HAHA. AND THE BEST PART WAS THAT HE CLAIMED TO BE THE ONE TO TEACH US THAT PHRASE HAHAHAHA. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you man! But it was funny and brought lots of laughter. I love my family ♥ coolest and weirdest people ^^

After that we made a trip to cine to get me some new phone covers.

And then we went to kino where we spent a happy time leafing through books ^^

And then we went home. So yup it was a really happy day, a day I’ll always treasure 🙂

Of course it’s not that I don’t derive the same kind of joy from hanging out w you sissy!! Love you as much and maybe more 😀

So I’m ending this post here w another picture of our #ootd


Town w the hipster brother

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