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25-26 May 

It’s been AGES since my incredibly busy and tiring weekend. In fact, that weekend was the first weekend after I started work and gosh on Monday when I went back to work it was SO TERRIBLE. Falling asleep over the data I was supposed to enter. Okay but I guess it’s my fault la. Greedy people for free dance lessons. In my defence, I really didn’t think it’d be that tiring!

So the Friday, Vesak day was the Danzpeople recital YAYYYY! 😀 I think this deserves a post on its own so I’ll blog about it in another post. Anyway. It ended rather late so I got home rather late and all that ):

Then Saturday we had to go to UCC at NUS T.T thankfully my mum was free so I could drive me and Hazel there. Even then, we were slightly late I think. Saturday was the full dress rehearsal day for the kids! I was quite worried because last year all I had to do was make sure the kids I was in charge of stayed in their room. but this year I was a dresser!!! :O for the kids w multiple items (they’re called multiples hahaha quite like some superhero). And some of the kids were really v young.

To no surprise, I made my first mistake early in the morning ): because I didn’t check the schedule carefully so I didn’t realise that my first kid (hoho) was so early because one of her items was pushed forward! D: so I dressed her in the wrong costume and was even playing w her in the dressing room until someone burst into the room looking for her. Ahh felt so guilty ):

Then the other kids started streaming in and it was chaos really. It was also vv messy because since it was only a full dress rehearsal, the kids came in staggered timings and left at the same time and wowww I really dk how we survived.

Super thankful to Hazel tho. Her expertise (LOL) at handling the clothes rack really helped a lot so the kids’ costumes weren’t that messy. But then again. I WOULDNT HAVE BEEN DOING THAT IF IT WASNT FOR HAZEL ALSO -.-

Most of the kids I had were fine actually, lucky me!! Some of them could handle themselves and… they’re probably more experienced than me HAHA. I had one girl who was really nice. Polite and nice and she thanked me and COULD HANDLE HERSELF. Why can’t they all be like that.

Of course I had a monster also omg she was really a mini Thatcher. So commanding at her tender age of.. idk 5? 6? No idea. But her tone and manner of speaking COMMANDS OBEDIENCE. It would have been quite funny if I wasn’t the one she was ordering around. It’s like you’re expected to do her bidding immediately urgh. Hazel was roped into being her slave w me HAH. So we both suffered.

So the day ended in a flurry of costume changes and tired sighs and the thought that we’d have to do it all over again on Sunday ):

tired faces after day 1


So Sunday rolled around and honestly.. I don’t remember how we got to UCC already. -.- Probably via the stupid shuttle bus that doesn’t ever come zz.

BUT ANYWAY. The point is we survived it even tho it was really terrible and the good thing was that this time, the kids recognised me and were marginally cooperative even though they were still really really URGH from being cooped up in that teeny weeny room.

poor kiddos. poor me.
poor kiddos. poor us.

I mean like, LOOK AT THAT ROOM. Would you wna be stuck there omg TERRIBLE. Luckily technology intervened for most of the kids so they’d sit there quietly in their own bubble. Good and bad I guess. And I had a few girls come up to me telling me about how they read really quickly and they were gna finish their book soon. WAS NOT A GOOD SIGN.

Then there were two really adorable girls – one was called Ashley, she had the PUFFIEST CHEEKS EVER. so darn pinchable. The other.. I forgot her name ): but equally cute but seemed a little less secure about herself compared to Ashley. So I saw the two together and I asked that girl, ‘Oh are the both of you best friends?’ AND SHE SHYLY LOOKED AT ASHLEY AS IF FOR CONFIRMATION THEN SHE NODDED HER HEAD AWWWWWW. Then part 2. She came up to me after a period of time and said to me w huge sad eyes, ‘I don’t think Ashley’s my friend anymore… because she said she doesn’t wna be my friend anymore’

Gosh certainly brought back memories of the time when I’m sure I behaved the same way. For the record, I saw them hanging out together (after the other girl followed Ashley around for awhile) after the recital so I’m sure everything is fine.

Of course dearest Mini Thatcher did not forget to give me trouble on Sunday as well. Poor dear fell during her acrobatics performance and hurt her lip and ‘it hurts. I wna go home. it hurts’ and she almost REFUSED to change for her next performance. Messy messy messy especially when I had other kids to look after but Little Miss Diva is kicking up a big fuss and needs to be calmed down. Again, help came and problem was solved yay yay!

The day generally went quite smoothly, as smoothly as something like this could go. Hazel and I even managed to take some pictures w the kids 😀


my favourite girl :)
my favourite girl 🙂

Then it FINALLY ended and we had our curtain call woohoo. Too tired to actually do anything cool because after curtain call we had to FLY back before the kids to make sure they got all their stuff and were ready to go meet their anxious (rich) parents. Then we finally could go home and have a nice long rest 😀

And that has been the last I saw Hazel because we’ve both been too busy to meet up. Eeks.

Back to JBugs kiddos!

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