Sweet as Snickers

And the title of this post is as cheesy as cheese.

I’m blogging this while I’m otw home! Wonder if I can finish blogging before I get home. I know I’ve a lot of backlog to clear but meh. I shall just blog about today first 😀

Today was the first day of work w my new job scope! It’s A LOT easier than what Melissa and Sherlyn are doing I guess. And I really enjoy it. I wouldn’t say I’m slacking because I think I was way more productive today than any other day. Or at least, I was less distracted. Barely used my phone during work today!! So yeah. Finally quite a good day at work because of work related reasons. Reminds me of my job last year which was not bad also ^^
So yup. Work went kinda well.

Thennnn after work was good too!! 😀 I wasn’t able to meet raroro this week (other than our measly one hour lunch together on Tues) because I couldn’t go for zumba both on Monday and Thursday ): so didn’t have the opportunity to meet her. And weirdly enough, it felt like I haven’t met her for AGES. So today we decided to go home together! Luckily she was okay w accompanying me to Jbugs to collect my dance card so we had even more time together.

Omg I sound a bit lovesick / in love w her I realise. Must be our complicated relationship. DON’T BE SCARED RARORO HAHA. Idk. Talking to her is really easy. Like there’s hardly an awkward moment w her and conversation just flows. And we have about the same sense of humour. And we both do embarrassing things. But at the same time, our friendship isn’t just the superficial kind where we just talk about frivolous things. I know I can confide in her and I feel a lot better after just talking to her. So yup. I’ll always be grateful for the day she banged her oven on the ground outside NJ and we renewed our friendship ♥♥ love you raroro thank you for being my jellyfishy

ANYWAY. Back to my story.
So I waited outside Cheers for her to grace me w her presence. And when she finally arrived, she presented me w a (stolen) Snickers bar!!! AWWW. Learning from one of the touchiest relationships ever 😉 so we greeted each other w laughter as usual teehee.

Took the crowded train to dhoby and I collected my card and here is where I have nothing else to blog about because like all other dates w my dearest friends, we just enjoyed each other’s company (okay at least I did. HAHA I’m sure she enjoyed my company too) and talked and caught up w each other. Walked around Plaza Sing aimlessly for q awhile before I remembered that my new maid sleeps early so if I didn’t go home in time I’d probably not have dinner HAHA.

So that’s the end of my happy Friday night 😀
Thanks raroro for being such a great friend ♥

And for the record, I just got to my lift lobby!! ^^

Sweet as Snickers

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