A break from Work :D

PJ finally came back on 6 June, 11.53pm yayyy! 😀 missed her v much even tho we don’t actually meet a lot nowadays. Missed wondering whether or not she’d reply me LOL.

So anyway, we made arrangements to meet on Monday morning because I took leave (YAY) and she was free! Initially I wanted to visit Alvyn but he’s all the way at expo and PJ wanted to eat prata. So it was back to the place we went last year after her trip to catch up. It’s been around a year since then oh my. Feels like we’ve been through a lot but at the same time it feels like we graduated not that long ago. Time is such a strange concept.

So we sat there and caught up w each other’s lives. Her trip sounded rather exciting!! Cool stuff zip lining, dog sledding and whale watching in the serene place haha. Sounds really v nice and a good break from Singapore.

Then we left and went to Thomson Plaza to get gong cha yay!! So it means no gong cha for me for the rest of this week. Anyway Melissa’s flying off tomorrow, no more gc buddy ):

Walked around Thomson Plaza for awhile but as most people should know, there isn’t much to do there haha. So we proceeded to the swings nearby and continued chatting.

Then we went to j8 to have a Mos burger.

HAHA sounds like we were eating nonstop right. There was a long break between each time we consumed something actually. It just seems like nonstop eating.

But yeah it was really nice to meet up w my dearest PJ and just talk and do nothing else. It’s the kind of day that I envisioned my summer holidays to be like. Kinda like the first few days of my holidays haha. By the time we went home, we’d spent six hours together! Lucky me 😀

Then I went home to watch WGM YAY. And paint my nails in outrageous multiple colours hahaha.

Then it was time to meet raroro for Zumba! WE FINALLY WORE THE SAME SHIRT COINCIDENTALLY!!!!!! The red ogl shirt hahahaha yay yay after so many months.

Zumba was.. interesting hahaha our favourite instructor that guy.

And that’s the end of my happy, relaxing day 😀 love days like this!!

A break from Work :D

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