Big breakfast :D

Working is so incredibly mundane that we really need to have something to look forward to daily. So yesterday (Thurs), Melissa and I went to Macdonalds for a big breakfast! πŸ˜€ because the day before she was waxing lyrical about the bacon strip you need to add a dollar to enjoy. Made me hungry for Macs breakfast also ):

In order to have breakfast together before work, I had to wake up at 6.30am !!!!!!!!!!!!! THE HORROR hahaha. Even then, I was late. Seems like I’m always late when I meet Melissa oops. Especially for work SIGH. We were supposed to meet at 7.37 but… idk how many minutes I was late by. Decided that ignorance is preferable hahaha.

The queue was really long ): but Melissa was nice enough to queue and buy for me (while I finished reading my trashy!!) So yay~

BIG BREAKFAST WAS SO GOOD!!! And the bacon also. The best part, according to Melissa haha. My only regret was that we had to rush through the meal ): even tho I’m sure Melissa would say that I ate slowly already. -.- strange. I’ve never thought I ate slowly until I started working w them.

ACTUALLY THEY KEEP MAKING ME REALISE THAT I DO STRANGE THINGS. they keep calling me weird BOO. Like pointing out the way I walk strangely. I never knew it was so bad but I really dk how to change it ):

Anyway. Breakfast over. Had to rush to office and we were 2 minutes late haha oopsies. So we worked till 6.02pm HUR HUR.

Big breakfast :D

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