Adventure Cove!

This feels like it happened so long ago ): the day in Adventure Cove really really felt like summer yknw. Sand (okay no sand), sea (okay not really, there was water tho) and fun (lots and lots of fun!!) Susu, PJ, raroro and I planned to go together after finals since like the start of sem after Agnes and Corrine and John waxed lyrical (ooh~) about the place at lunch. Start of the semester eh!! Already planning for summer holidays heh. So really, I’ve been looking forward to it for more or less the ENTIRE sem!! It was one of the things that kept me going (like a train chug chug chug) during the sem and the finals. But in the end raroro couldn’t come so it was left w me susu and pj! Sigh wish raroro could have gone!! Go again next time k raroro!!

We met early in the morning at vivo to catch a bus to Sentosa! Reminded me of the time when PJ and I went to watch the 1D DVD screening hahaha. Those happy and free days ~ alighted at Sentosa where we proceeded to get lost HAHA. I think susu was rather worried that we’d be late for the opening because we wanted to BEAT THE CROWD. Luckily we found our way around pretty quickly so we still made it just in time! Then we hurried hurried to the toilet to change and slather on sunblock because sunblock is important if not we’ll get sunburnt which is bad.

Rented a locker to stuff all three of our bags in! SO EXPENSIVE OMG. $10 for a locker rental and that’s for the small locker -.- oh but it was vv cool the way the lockers locked. I was wondering if it’d be like a key or something (which would have been really troublesome). We had to key in our birthday and our favourite colour! Which I thought was pretty cool and hard to hack because you’d have to try a lot of combinations in order to hack a locker.

THEN WE WERE OFF TO THE SLIDES!!!! Again, we were q confused because we couldn’t find the slides -.- found them in the end of course. WA BUT IT WAS SOOOO TIRING TO CARRY THE FLOAT UP THE STAIRS TO SLIDE DOWN OMG. How lame is that la still must carry float up okay but I guess it’ll be q impractical to build lifts everywhere. So yeah. We worked hard to have fun.

My favourite slide was the one that transported us up HAHA. Not only because we were transported up la I’m not thaaaat lazy. Because it was v fun and exciting!! Really like some roller coaster zoom zoom zoom mega εˆΊζΏ€ I loved it!!! But the queue was super long and it hurt to stand in queue because we were barefooted. We only went on that once ):

SPEAKING ABOUT BEING BAREFOOTED. Omg really damn painful okay especially when it was afternoon and the sun was FULL POWER ON. In the end we shouldn’t have worried about being sunburnt because of the sun -.- the sun had other ways of attacking zz. The ground was scorching because of the sun and because there wasn’t really any shade offered ): it really hurt to walk after awhile boo. So after we were done w most of the slides we wore our flip flops when we walked around.

We went round the river (lazy river? Shiok river? I’m not sure what adventure cove calls it) four times! Once for a break between slides and three times after we were done because the ground was way too hot to walk on haha. Oh and susu and I went snorkeling!!! I guess it was just as well that I didn’t wear my specs and therefore was as blind as a bat. If not I’m sure I’d have been q freaked out at the fishes so near me. I was q scared actually because being half blind in a tank full of saltwater fishes isn’t really my kinda thing. But luckily susu and I held hands as we floated so it wasn’t that bad!

Oh and we tried the wave pool also!! Quiteee fun but it was crowded so not that fun ): the lifeguard told us to go play all the slides first before the queues got long. So we did that. Then in the end the wave pool so crowded we only experienced one round of waving (heh) and left.

And we took a nap. In adventure cove. HAHA. Because surrounding the shallow kiddy pool were little huts w three sofas and a ceiling fan above. HOW PERFECT IS THAT YOU TELL ME. So we sat there and looked at the little kids (SO CUTE) and chatted and SLEPT HAHA RLY. Damn cute hor we all. Who goes to Adventure Cove and sleep la aiyooo. But we were tired so yeah.

Nua-ed a lot more than we decided that it was time to leaveeee. Bye bye adventure cove!! Obviously we took the obligatory pictures ^^

sneakily taken unglam shot of photo we had to pay for

When to Food Republic at Vivo to eat then we went homeeee.

It was a really really good day πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Adventure Cove!

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