Tiong Bahru Bakery w Melissa ^^

Made my appointment w Melissa before her exams ended to go check out Tiong Bahru Bakery because I’ve been hearing so much about it! But I didn’t expect it to be so soon after her exams :O We planned to meet at an odd timing because we went to the branch at City Hall / Raffles City (isn’t it terribly confusing, I always found it mega confusing) and we didn’t want to get caught in the crowd. Q smart of us right.

We met at some weird timing like 3.12pm and proceeded to the basement and wowwww the pastries all looked so yummy (and expensive). Ended up sharing a chocolate croissant and a mysterious pastry that tasted much like pizza. So it was good! 🙂


And we saw Melissa’s all time favourite geography teacher HAHA. Such luck we have. She even had a really good view. Lucky Melissa~!

So we had to leave early because Melissa couldn’t stand the sight of her -.- WE COULD HAVE SAT AND NUA-ED LONGER. Walked around the mall for awhile looking for floral clothes for Melissa because of her sister’s 21st birthday party theme. HOW CUTE IS THAT LOL A FLORAL THEME AND MELISSA DOES NOT WORKKKK. Then we got tired again. And didn’t know what we should do.

So we ended up at nex arcade LOL. Our favourite place aww. We played Mario Kart where I lost (again) STBM ):

Then I forgot what happened. I think it was something like we went to the library where I found a trashy novel for Melissa teehee. I love sharing my love for romance novels. Or trashy novels. Wtv they’re the same!!


Okay I took like more than a week to finish this post omg -.- Even tho it’s so short hahaha. I’ve been INCREDIBLY busy. Not that sure what I’ve been busy w tho.

Tiong Bahru Bakery w Melissa ^^

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