Danz Tuesday~

Seems a bit like I’m updating for the sake of updating right haha oops. Not much happened on Tuesday I think hmm. Watched Rooftop Prince w my popo! My new drama yay ~ But I’m restricting myself to one episode a day because it’s showing on TV and so that I can watch w popo! Except that I’ve to watch it in Chinese.. :X Oh well small sacrifices.

Oh and I baked chocolate chip cupcakes. With more chocolate chips hurhur because when it comes to chocolate chips, more is always MORE.


This was partly why I met ST on Wednesday – so that I could pass him the cupcakes!

Met Hazel to shop for our clothes for recital. I WAS SO LIKE UM ANTS ON A HOT POT (direct translation from Chinese LOL) about this because we were supposed to bring our costumes on Tuesday during the rehearsal but we haven’t bought anything yet! So yeah panic panic panic I was so worried that we wouldn’t be able to find appropriate clothes for the recital. IN THE END OMG THEY DIDN’T EVEN ASK TO SEE WHAT WE BROUGHT OMG ANGRRRRRYYYYYY. Okay la but we still had to get it by Saturday anyway so at least it was settled.

We went to Bugis, Hazel’s favourite place to shop -.- Had Soup Spoon for dinner yaaaayyyy. For the LIFE of me I will NEVER understand why that woman thinks bread (i.e. from Subway) is insufficient for dinner but SOUP is okay. I REALLY DON’T UNDERSTAND. Her logic baffles me. But yeah we had Soup Spoon and I was a happy girl ^^ Soon Amanda Leong and Hazel’s other friend from Jazz joined us so we all proceeded to Bugis Street (urgh I really dislike that crowded crowded place) to hunt for our clothes.

I was q lucky and found mine vv quickly!! Like at the first place we stopped hahaha. Still had to walk around some more to find Hazel and her friend’s costumes so by the time we settled on it we were mega tired ):

Rushed down to Dhoby after a short break at Macs where they had ice cream and I could only sadly watch on because I’m STILL plagued with this sickening cough that refuses to go away boo. Had rehearsal where it was… okay I guess. Actually I don’t really remember what happened hahaha. All the recital rehearsals more or less blend together now.

RECITAL’S ON FRIDAAAAYYYYYYYY. Thanks so much for agreeing to come raroro omg lurbbxz euu really haha I really think you’ll enjoy it also, I watched some of the performances and really they BLEW ME AWAAAAYYYYY. Yay yay ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

Danz Tuesday~

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