Photoshop Wednesday

HIYA πŸ˜€ I’m finally starting on my week gosh so many things to update. Now I remember why I don’t usually update during holidays. BUT I WILL TRY MY BEST. Will not give up after only one week. As you can tell, I’m not doing in a chronological manner. Because Monday was such a long day hahaha. Very daunting. So I shall blog as I please yay.

Met ST and his +2 friends for dimsum breakfast ^^ I was vv disappointed to realise that they don’t sell my favourite congee on weekdays tho. So I settled for dimsum only. At least they still had egg tarts and my favourite bao yay! We were also v adventurous and tried a lot of other kinds of dimsum. FIRST TIME IN 19 YEARS OF MY LIFE EATING THOSE STRANGE LOOKING DIMSUM. But not bad la q tasty also.

Went home and got ready to go for the Photoshop workshop organised by CNM Society! I was sooo close to not going because I couldn’t find anyone to go w me ): But luckily cai agreed to go w me so yay! IT WAS SUCH AN INTENSE WORKSHOP. Four hours long (okay it was shortened to 3.5h but still) and they sorta taught from scratch (i.e. choosing canvas size). It was an NM student who was conducting the workshop and he was v nice and q patient and clear also so it was really v good.

My first time using Photoshop (I think)! It was really q fun and wow it’s really a good tool if one knows how to use it. AND WITH PRACTICE, I WILL BE ABLE TO USE IT WELL. Obviously one of the most crucial tools I learnt was the Healing tool la to remove pimples. Stupid pimples popping up like free one. HAHA.

But it was so intense that I couldn’t pay attention after awhile ): And we really learnt A LOT. Can’t really remember everything sigh. Gotta play around w the stuff again!

Had to run some errands after the workshop omg I remember I was STARVING. Reallyyyy hungry boo.

That’s all. HAHAHA. But it was really an enriching Wednesday. I’d try to alliterate but I can’t think of something that can substitute ‘enriching’ and that starts with ‘w’ so yeah. Can’t wait to obtain the software and try playing around w it. ST has commanded me to liquidify his fats I FEEL SO POWERFUL NOW. I can even make you look fat(ter) ST. Don’t make me angry hurhur.

Photoshop Wednesday

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