Hellooo IKEA

Upon the realisation that Mother’s Day is on Sunday (aka today *gasp), mei and I decided to do something about it because we alwaysss forget about Mother’s day and not do anything for my mum oops. Since I was free I decided to go to IKEA yay haven’t been there for ages also

Met Shaun at… 11am at Bishan MRT! And I wasn’t late hoho proud of myself. Traveled to IKEA and yay lucky he was around because if not I’d have to figure out the way myself hahaha xie xie ni ~ I rly love walking around IKEA so many things to see so many things to touch!! And I rly loved the soft toy panda it was so cute and cuddly 😦 AND SO CHEAP. But no more space on my bed for panda so I had to put it back. IKEA really has a lot of quirky things.

Had lunch and… I SAW/HEARD VCHENG BEHIND ME wow really what a coincidence. I mean like, go back to NJ I don’t see any teachers except for the-PE-teacher-who-disappeared then go to IKEA and see the principal how lucky can I get man such affinity.

Bought a photo frame for mummy and popsies and then we walked under the blazing sun (!!!!! AGAIN) to the bus stop to take a bus to Orchard because I haven’t had Cold Stone ice cream before and I wanted to try it.

ACTUALLY I REALISE WE DIDN’T REALLY DO MUCH LA. After that we walked around Kino, walked around Art Friend (need to buy strings oh yeah reminder to self) then ate ice cream and chilled (AGAIN PUNNY BECOS THE ICE CREAM YKNW) (and thanks for the ice cream treat Shaun) and listened to nice songs that I recognised and then went back to sgoon. A lot of walking right wonder if it results in weight loss HAHA #fathope (like literally fat yknw becos, no fat loss)

But it was so nice to not have to worry that I was wasting time becos I had the time to waste and it was great company because I was hanging out w an old friend who happens to be a good friend that I can talk to easily so yes it was all good 😀 Hopefully we’ll be able to hang out more like that soooon (like before you enlist hoho)

Back to nex to wait for my parents becos we were having dinner together but I was like an hour early so I went to the library. AND THERE WERE SO MANY JULIA QUINN BOOKS!! Trashy romance novels time yay. Grabbed two that I haven’t really reread off the shelf and settled myself down to read IN THE LIBRARY! Not study!! I am still constantly amazed at the things I can do now because it’s summery summer. I should get a summer dress.

My parents finally came and we ate at aijisen (not bibigo becos long queue SIGH i want to eat my soondubu jjigae) but it’s okay becos I had ramen and it’s still soup so yay. I WILL EAT IT SOOOOON TOFU SOUP WAIT FOR ME.

Then we went to Teadot where my mum ordered a yummy cake and green tea latte which I also have been wanting since forever but couldn’t bring myself to buy it becos sooo expensive so I was happy. Then I saw a cute waiter guy and I was even happier. Sat there at Teadot reading my trashy novel while drinking tea ah~~ that’s the life. Finished our food and went home and I finished my book at home SO MANY WARM AND FUZZY FEELINGSSSSS.

Warm and fuzzy feelings from the book and from my day which was filled w lovely people and lovely events.

Thank you v much for hanging out w me and walking around w me aimlessly and eating ice cream w me yayy.

And with this post, my very happening first week of summer holidays has been recorded in this bo ke ^^ Tomorrow is another vv exciting day ADVENTURE COVE DAY WOOHOO.

Okay bye time to get ready for tomorrow I CAN’T WAIT.

Hellooo IKEA

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