Date w raroro ~

I realise that I’m blogging a bit in a backwards, completely non-chronological way oops. The actual sequence of events over the week is:

Tuesday: Last paper and going out w raroro ^^
Wednesday: Celebrating rui’s birthday
Thursday: Alone time w popo
Friday: IKEA time w Shaun

Yup so now I’m going back to my first happening day ^^ Gna try my best to record down what I did so that I won’t be like eh what did I do over the summer holidays hahaha. Contemplating having a ‘summer holiday’ tag hmm shall consider it.

My last paper ended at about 3pm. Actually because I couldn’t really do it so I ran away 15 minutes before the end of the paper. FREE AT LASSSTTTTTT. I practically skipped out of the hall in my happiness hahaha. Informed raroro that I was finally free and we arranged to meet at Dhoby Ghaut MRT because we were going to Food For Thought! I was ratherrr excited about it because I’ve never been there. Like an adventure yayy I love going for adventures 😀

Met raroro and we took the MRT to Bras Basah. Walked to 8 Queen Street then… IT WAS CLOSEDDDDD OMG 😥 😥 I was so disappointed okay. Really was looking forward to it boohoo. So we walked back where we saw another cafe that had some lunchtime special. We went in and then… the auntie told us that they had no more food for lunch already omg you tell me SUAY OR NOT. So we decided to walk towards Plaza Sing. The thought that there’s Korean food at Plaza Sing sorta cheered me up so yay. Then we saw Coffee Bean and oh yeah the breakfast not bad. So we checked it out but… NO >: ( The menu was different from what we usually saw + not worth it so we left also. Walked further down where we saw a slightly dubious looking… PUB HAHA COOL ANOT WE WENT TO A PUB LEH.

Their lunchtime special looked q promising so we decided to eat there. It was a v dim place boo I don’t like dim places. I could hardly see my food 😦 But okay I could taste it so I guess that’s what is important right LOL. Finished our food and went out and… the sky looked quite ominously dark oh noes.

Walked towards Plaza Sing and then IT STARTED RAINING 😥 And we were caught in the rain so terrible only I had an umbrella so both of us were rather drenched. In the end we were stranded at the Cathay where there is NOTHING to do okay really. NOTHING. Plus we were full so didn’t wna eat also. We finally found a seat at the outside seating area of Starbucks and just chilled (really chilled because it was cold teehee punny)

The rain let up a little so we proceeded to Plaza Sing. Walked round and round there until we were really tired haha. OH ANDDDD YKNW WHAT I SAW CHOI MINHO (at Etude House but it’s expected) AND I SAW MY SONG JOONGKI!!!!!! *squeals It was such a pleasant surprise yay yay I was really *squeaaaalllll mega happy. raroro of course, rolled her eyes boo.

Rested at Macs while waiting for Hazel to come then she handed me over to Hazel. Haha thanks raroro for keeping me company lovezxz youuuuu.

Hazel and I then went to Yoshinoya to eat and we saw her favourite blue-haired boy. I quickly informed raroro who then casually walked past as well HAHA the two of them really aw so cute.

Went for danz where I was really urghhh cannot take it sick sick no mood to dance. Finally got home close to midnight sigh.

Wasn’t thaaat great a way to end my exams but I’m glad I met up w raroro after my exams because that’s what we did last sem after our last paper as well ^^

Happy days ~

Date w raroro ~

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