Spending time w my popo

Like I mentioned in some earlier post, I finally managed to spend some time w my granny on Thursday yay πŸ˜€ Stayed at home waiting for her to come to my house then when she finallyyyy came I surprised her w the fact that I was awake LOL. At the very early hour of 10am -.- Told her to give me awhile for me to change and get ready, then when she saw me taking out the camera SHE WENT TO CHANGE ALSO AHH HAHA POPO V CUTE RIGHT :D:D

We took a bus to Bishan North Shopping Mall (don’t you just love how the name of the ‘mall’ is so… contradictory to its image HAHA) where she bought oranges. Then we walked to the MacDonalds at Bishan Park omg I NEVER REALISED IT WAS SO FREAKING DEEP INSIDE πŸ˜₯ The sun was blistering hot and the route had like no shade whatsoever (something I’d rage more about later SIGH SIGH). Finally got to Macs and sigh no more breakfast. We were late by like… 10 minutes omg damn wasted right. My Macs breakfassttttt πŸ˜₯

Bought McSpicy for my popsies oops bad idea don’t think she really liked it. :X Anyway finished our meal and sighhhhhhhh WE WALKED BACK FROM THERE TO HOME IN THE TERRIBLE TERRIBLE HEAT. Stupid newly reconstructed Bishan Park had not many trees to provide shade also omg why couldn’t they just have transplanted grown trees that provide shade WHY WHY WHY. Why did we even decide to walk home at freaking 1pm WHEN IT’S SO HOTTTTT. Both of us were dying in the heat. Okay at first it was nice and pretty but then after awhile I couldn’t even be bothered to take pictures already because omg damn bloody hot okay.

But we DID IT. Walked all the way back home woohoo. Was tiring, but okay I hardly spend time w popo like that so like, once in a while is okay but not gna try this walking home at 1pm again ever. EVER.

Ending this post w a cute picture of my popo teehee.

adorable popsiees ~
adorable popsiees ~
Spending time w my popo

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