Rui’s birthday surprise!

Rui’s birthday is actually next Monday, 13 May but since ST and I are both not free, we initially wanted to go back to NJ to surprise him the following Wednesday. Butttt I texted Yuxuan to ask her if they’d be in school and she told me it’s college day off in lieu!! D: so we changed our minds and decided to go back on Wednesday 8 May which is really ratherrr early to celebrate his birthday haha. At least he was very unsuspecting.

Was feeling really sick and to my surprise I woke up at noon haha. It’s q rare for me to wake up so late :O I think usually when I say I wake up late it’s like after 10? So waking up at noon was quite the novelty. REALLY EMBRACING THE NUA LIFE. But I was sick so it doesn’t count. Couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the clock, had to double check w two other clocks hahaha.

Texted ST to let him know that I was finallyyy awake and we made plans to meet at J8. Where we bought Gong Cha yayy :D:D Purple plum tea is incredibly sour stuff haha. But still q yummy if you’re used to it. ST got strawberry black tea which was mehh. WITH 80% SUGAR LEVEL OMG ST -.- His face completely scrunched up after trying mine hahaha. We proceeded to the rooftop after printing our photos w rui for our art and craft session. Two 19 year olds sitting at the open air space in J8 cutting and pasting paper and drawing LOL. Damn fail.

Finally finished it after a longgg time because we had difficulty drawing the R in rui’s name haha. And being the genius STs that we are, anything that looked slightly odd/not that nice was immediately termed artistic LOL. Geniuses. Rushed for 156 to go back to NJ~ where ST never ever fails to remind me of how we used to memorise the Chemistry definitions on the bus by recording it. THANKS ST, THANKS.

Reached school and I was heartbroken when rui texted ST asking ‘who’s that long haired woman next to you’ MANNXZX. Heartbroken ttm. Turns out he had no idea I was coming. And here I was thinking that ST and I always came as a pair oh well. Surprised ruirui w his card and cake yayy happy birthday rui ❤ then we went up to the canteen to sit and THERE WAS MAI PIAN JI FAN. Hahaha words cannot describe ST’s happiness I think. Western stall changed already so meh I had no choice but to eat it as well.

Sat in the canteen talking to rui for close to two hours I think? Also met the other kids aww they’re still so cute. But grown up at the same time. Kindaaa odd isn’t it. Oh well.

ego trio trio trio :)
ego trio trio trio 🙂

Ending w a pic of rui and us 🙂 We printed the picture that the three of us first took together and the picture we took at Rock Night last year and WOW there was such a difference in rui haha. And ST because he lost weight. I look the same tho. Which is… good I suppose.

Okay so that’s my Wednesday 😀 Went home and nua-ed the day away because sick. It’s understandable ^^

Rui’s birthday surprise!

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