Exams finally ended today and I’m a happy girl yayzors :):) Unfortunately not as happy as I could have been because I fell sick on Monday D: Thankfully nothing as serious as fever! Just a slight flu (that’s actually quite enough to fell mighty me oopsie) so really no mood to study for my last paper boo. And it’s q bad because I barely studied for it – was relying on the Monday after MNO paper and Tuesday morning to study for it sigh. Ended up rolling in bed on Tuesday morning hahaha.

Reallyyy happy and excited for the upcoming three months πŸ˜€ May it energise me for the challenges year 2 is sure to bring and be really fun and exciting and fulfilling yay.

Oh yes. A short thank you list to the people who have given me so much strength during this tiring finals period (in no particular order):

1. My family (obviously)
Even tho they (i.e. my daddy) often forgot that I’m actually in midst of my exams and only care about whether planning activities will affect my sister’s studying schedule -.- But I really appreciate them tolerating my bad temper, making allowances for me, and especially driving me to places (like my daddy driving me home from dance because I end so late) omg I really really appreciate everything πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

2. ST
For all his encouraging texts and remembering my exams and counting down with me and yknw, just being my ST

3. Hazel Wazel
My constant study buddy and dance buddy and buddy in general.

4. Raroro Susu and PJ
For the texts that brightened my tiring studying days.

5. Shaun
For adopting me when I had no where else to study in 😦 and the encouraging texts.

6. Melissa
Who’s still going through exams oh man study hardddd πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

7. Corrine
Who won’t see this anyway -.- But her messages during the first week of exams, especially since she was taking NM also really helped and encouraged (I really need another word) me

8. KPop Fortress
Actually only Choonsterz and Fonson la since ST is mentioned above. For wishing me luck and providing Kpop for me to relax w teehee.




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