Things to look forward to!

With finals drawing to an end, I’ve already started planning what to do this summer holidays. I secretly (now not so secretly) feel a little thrill when I say summer holidays because it sounds so high school musical-ish ^^

1. ADVENTURE COVE with PJ, raroro and susu
We’ve been planning this adventure since the start of the semester so you can tell how excited I am about it πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ plus it’s with the three girls who make my life so happy and colourful β™₯

2. Tulips w Hazel Wazel
Pretty flowers w a pretty girl yay!

3. A Werewolf Boy day w the Kpop Fortress
What an unexpected combination of friends πŸ˜€ strengthening my love for kpop every day teehee. Can’t wait for our first time hanging out together! A bit worried that it’ll be awkward but I think w ST around it’ll be fine ^^

4. NM camp!
Still planning still planning… but can’t wait to hang out w the lovely nm friends πŸ™‚

5. Days w Melissa
Because we have to make sure we hang out more than once this holiday! For BR Wednesdays and cheesecake dates and watching chick flicks and Mario Kart maybe can’t wait!! Before she leaves for an exotic adventure overseas sigh will miss you Melissa ~

6. Danzpeople recital
The item’s really shaping up πŸ™‚ first non-ballet performance. Really hope I’ll be able to hold my own w all the really talented dancers around me

7. Days out w raroro
WHICH I REALLY HOPE WILL HAPPEN. Because we have a bad tendency to stop talking to each other during the holidays and reconnect when school starts hahaha.

8. Working at food expo
Last year was really rather fun even tho it was tiring! Of course the best part is that I get to earn money teehee.
Update: NO MORE 😦 They don’t need me anymore sigh


10. Hanging out w my best friends β™₯
Betcha was wondering why days w PJ and ST didn’t appear nyah ha ha. I miss our karaoke sessions and talking rubbish time and eating and just being comfortable w each other!! I MISS YOU PJ AS YOU WELL KNOW.

A lot more things I want to do / will be doing this holidays! Will try to diligently note down what I do this summer holiday! ^^

Things to look forward to!

2 thoughts on “Things to look forward to!


      Haha you can nua w me also, every three days or any day your erratic schedule allows for.

      Yup I am gna sell! Not sure if they’ll want/need me there for the entire duration this time, see how it goes I think!

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