A Wilde night

Despite this being the horrendous Week 12-13 period of school when the deadlines are rushing towards me like a speeding train, I took a break from all that and watched The Importance of Being Earnest with Hazel, ST, Benedict and my mum.

2013-04-13 11.49.21

I’m so glad we watched it. Studying TIOBE was one of my favourite parts of A Level Literature and I really enjoyed learning about the play and Wilde’s strange ideas about society. AESTHETIC PRINCIPLE. Plus it’s the first play I’ve watched! Usually I watch concerts where people… don’t really talk hahaha.

I even brought the book along so that I could read it to refresh my memory before the play. In the end Ben took it throughout the play. NO IDEA WHY ALSO -.- Not like he could read the script right. Ben is really really strange gosh.

I was having a(n intense) project meeting before that. Sigh it doesn’t seem to be going well. So I was q happy and relieved to see my best buds Hazel and ST when they FINALLY arrived. ST must really learn how to be more M-time omg. We rushed through our dinner in less than 30 minutes and ran ran ran to watch the play becos we were late. Actually I think if not for Ben we’d have missed a bit of the play. He was so antsy and like ‘RUN RUN’ and being annoying and yknw.. Ben. But okay I’m glad we managed to be seated before the play started. Our seats were not bad also! Even tho it was the cheapest tickets hahaha. We could see really clearly.

I was wondering if they’d make an changes to the script, like making it more localised. But I think they stuck quite strictly to it! They even spoke w a British accent that didn’t sound out of place coming from them. It was so so cool to hear and watch the entire play actually um, played out. It’s quite different from Mr Whitby telling us about how the audience will react to the script and actually being the audience and reacting.

AND MR WHITBYYYYYYY. I miss him and his Literature lessons so much. Even tho he was sometimes scary when we didn’t speak up in class :X There were certain passages that he really took the time to go through in class and during the play it felt sorta like I was back in Lit class analysing (or failing to analyse) the passage. And my all time favourite line “A handbag????!!!” I WAS LIKE OMGOMGOMG MR WHITBY /cries

The memories of the rainbow book and butterfly book and all my notes in my working copy of TIOBE and all the frantically copying down his words of wisdom that he REFUSED to upload onto KM and the small LT and how we’d sit in the front row my class occupying the whole row and sigh all the Literature memories ♥♥♥

I’m so proud to be a Literature student. At least, to have been a Literature student. So grateful that I’ve been exposed to the beauty of words, of language and the magic that a well-crafted piece can create. So glad that I’ve learnt about writing, about literary devices, about how to use language, how the pen is mightier than the sword.

I am definitely not one of those well-read, arty-farty Arts student. There’s no way my blog will be whimsical, retrospective and thoughtful. My thoughts are all over the place, quite shallow most times and I write in the same way. But the fact that I’ve been exposed to different ways of thinking in my life as an Arts student has shaped me in the ways I look at the world, the way I think about issues and the perspectives I can take.

And watching TIOBE last night just reminded me of all that 😀 Thank you Hazel, ST and Ben for sharing last night’s trip down memory lane with me ♥

A Wilde night

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