Crazy week is crazy

I’m slightly early for tutorial and I don’t want to be doing my readings at the moment (which I’m sure I’ll regret) so I’m here on my blog!

Hello to my poor neglected blog and people who come to my blog and leave, disappointed by the lack of updates D: I really like keeping a blog because I’m quite a forgetful person. So my blog sorta serves as a reference for myself.

[OH MY RARORO JUST ARRIVED!! Even tho she slept like after 4am?!! I’m amazed that she made it for school wow]

Anyway these few weeks have probably been some of the more stressful times in school so far. And there’s more to come. Unlike other people, most of my presentations are scheduled in Week 13, the last week of school. D: So it means I’m going to be stressed all the way till.. what, 7 May? OMG D:

And I won’t be able to prepare in advance for my finals omg scared scared.

Boring update because I’ve nothing much to update about.

Except that oh DMTN’s showcase has been freaking POSTPONED because of the scandal D:

Oh and that I’m in the jazz funk item of Danzpeople recital. Which I’m quite excited about! Haven’t danced on stage since um.. quite long ago. Like end of Sec 4 maybe. Plus I’ll be dancing w Hazel and the choreo we’ve learn so far all look quite nice so yes, excited! 🙂 Slightly disappointed that my closest friends probably won’t be able to go but it’s okay because it won’t be the last time I perform (lol I hope) so yup. The recital’s on Vesak day sooooo come watch if you’re free!! ^^ I’m sure it’ll be a good show ~

That’s all because it’s about 12 minutes to tutorial. Raroro is sitting across me looking very stressed about her essay assignment oh dear. GO RAROROOOOO I give you strength in the form of love love love :D:D:D

Crazy week is crazy

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