Daniel oh Daniel :(

Yesterday the terrible news that Daniel from DMTN’s involved in the sale of marijuana broke and I was q shocked. Firstly, I couldn’t reconcile the image of the cute maknae and MC involved in something like that. Secondly, I was like ‘O M G BUT WHAT ABOUT THE SHOWCASE’ It’s q a normal reaction right haha.

This morning I couldn’t get the scandal out of my head. Why would he do something like that? I’m sure he knew the repercussions of his actions. It’d not only impact him but DMTN and his company 😦 AND HIS FANS. To me, being the middleman of selling marijuana feels a lot more severe than consuming it. Mainly because of the ethical implications behind it I think. Consuming it yourself would perhaps only harm yourself (assuming you don’t get found out). But being involved in the sale is sorta like harming others isn’t it? Were times so bad for DMTN that he had to resort to that?

The question of whether the members knew about this.. extra circular activity also surfaces. If they knew, does it make them accomplices? If they didn’t, gosh can you imagine how betrayed they must be feeling? Safety Zone was q well received and they’d just moved on to a new company. Fresh start and all that but now… I wasn’t v happy about the entertainment company’s statement as well.

For an issue as serious as this, I think a better explanation should be given. Just saying that he regrets ‘acting rashly’ feels v weak to me. Acting rashly is dashing across the road when the light is red. Acting rashly is maybe buying something you cannot afford. Acting rashly is acting impulsively, without thinking through the consequences of your actions. It seems to me that it isn’t really possible to act rashly in deciding to act as a middleman in the distribution of marijuana. How possible is it? The statement also reads like he is regretting being found out rather than guilty of the actions themselves. Maybe it’s because of how impersonal it sounds but it doesn’t really sound that contrite to me.

Don’t get me wrong though, I still adore DMTN’s songs. Their songs have the ability to create feelings of cheerfulness in me. That’s why I’m so upset about this!! The DMTN tag will forever be tainted by this scandal. And people won’t remember Daniel for his voice or his talent anymore. They’re quite the underrated group. But maybe that’ll come as a boon to them in this time? Unlike GD’s experience which to me didn’t seem like that big a deal.

I really hope they are able to continue w their career. It’d be quite a waste to have all that effort gone down the drain. Plus inati is so old already (hahaha) it’d be q hard for him to get another job right. I also really hope Daniel comes away from this a lot wiser and will be able to continue in DMTN. I can’t imagine a DMTN without him 😦 On a final note, WHAT’S GOING TO HAPPEN TO THE SHOWCASE. I’m already guessing that Daniel won’t be present but I’m hoping against hope that he’ll appear.

Daniel oh Daniel :(

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