I remember when ST and I used to watch shows together over the phone and over MSN and we had to synchronise when to press play. “Okay click after three, 1, 2, 3, click!”

I remember when we used to have nonsense nonsense nonsense inside jokes that didn’t make sense to anybody but us (becos yknw, that’s what inside jokes are) and how our inside jokes came from the most ridiculous things like sumos.

I remember when we used talk so much online but when we actually met irl we were slightly awkz.

I don’t remember when Damien became ST to me. When did calling ST Damien feel so weird?

I’d never be able to pinpoint when ST became my best friend. Actually idk, calling ST my best friend seems slightly insufficient. Because ST is just ST to me, way more than a best friend. Even tho his (many) flaws are really the most annoying things ever, they’re really still part of him which (contrary does not make them lovable) so I tolerate it.

Just like how he tolerates me (sometimes) being an insufferable know-it-all (ala Hermione Granger) and all my whining and my moments of insanity.

Actually now that I think about it.. WHAT WAS WRONG WITH ME. I basically chose my JC because we decided to go together. I knew nobody else going there, I chose NJ mainly because ST was going there omg WHAT A BLIND LEAP OF FAITH. Which sorta paid off but omg were we that close in Secondary school how was it possible.

And this has been a love story w/o the romantic love. It’s ST love which makes it cooler. THANKS ST FOR BEING YOU love you long time.

(This is way better than your text)ย 


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