Life now

Because I don’t have the time for a proper post (so much to blog about!), here is what I’ve been up to:

– watching YouTube videos because it’s more interesting than studying
– going to school because I’m a student (surprise!)
– ballet (exam’s coming soon!! Mega excited)
– revising for midterms x3 (not that I’ve done the x3 yet)
– sat for one of my three midterms. Felt q good about it
– revising revising revising because I have midterms. And because I procrastinate
– eating because we need to eat to live
– sleeping probably a bit too much for a uni student because from what I have observed uni students seem to sleep on average at 3am in the morning
– texting because I am a communications major hence I need to communicate. I kid. More like because I require constant communication for my attention starved soul

Not sure what else I’ve been up to. Nothing much I think.

In case you were wondering, this is how I have been revising for midterms:
1. Turn on computer
2. Open Google Chrome
3. Visit allkpop, tumblr and Facebook before I finally..
4. Open a blank Word doc
5. Type in a header 
6. Go back to the three websites
7. If there are no updates, start typing notes
8. Only to go back to those websites again T.T

Life now

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