Week 4 already?!

Hello there! ^^

Haven’t been blogging frequently again because school and all that. So many things clamouring for my attention! And school work is often at the bottom of the list oops.

It’s already the end of Week 4 of school which is SCARY fast. Because it means recess week is coming soon (after Week 6) which means mid terms but just like last semester I’m not quite sure what I’ve been learning -.-

Being Week 4, school life has more or less settled into a nice comfortable routine. To my surprise, I’m seeing a lot of raroro this sem again hahaha. I realise that we really need to put in effort to keep in contact :/ seeing less of PJ (as usual) but hopefully our Thursday lunches are going to be a weekly thing! Also made a new friend (a real friend!) this sem so far so I’m q happy about it 😀

I’ve four projects this sem 😦 a lot compated to last sem when I only had two or something like that. Gotta work w strangers and rather strange group dynamics. So this is what it feels like hahaha. Kind of excited to see what it’s like but also apprehensive. University really throws people into the deep end and expect us to be able to swim. HELLO I NEED A FLOAT 😦 😦

Kind of lazy to continue already and this post seems rather boring. But that’s because my life is q boring now LOL. Unless you rather read about candy crush or me watching WGM or my fail attempts to paint my nails.

But it’s Chinese New Year (one of my favourite occasions!) this weekend so life will be a bit more exciting ^^

Week 4 already?!

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