Exploring w Hazelyyyyy

This happened so long ago I don’t even remember when we went gosh. 16 Dec, Wednesday first week of school! ๐Ÿ˜€ Our mutual off day yay. I’m happy becos raroro, Hazel and PJ all have off days on Wednesdays so it means higher chance of seeing them on Wednesday ๐Ÿ™‚

We decided to go out to nom at some exotic place earlier that week but we couldn’t decide where D: So the night before I explored hungrygowhere and found yummy claypot rice places! ^^ So we decided to make a journey to Geylang Claypot Rice. EXOTIC PLACE BECOS WE DON’T GO THERE. Haha turns out it wasn’t too hard to find yay ^^ Was slightlyyy late in meeting her at Marymount MRT but she was okay w it (thank goodness) then we headed over!

Called the place before finding our way there because the website said to call in advance so that we could reduce waiting time LUCKILY WE DID. Anyway, we exited from the wrong MRT exit so we had to walk slightly more than expected but it was okay because we were exploring anyway. Reached the place too early so we decided to walk around first but there was nothing much there D: just shophouses that weren’t open anyway zz.

2013-01-16 12.12.28
here’s what we ordered!

Too lazy to crop the pic for it to look pretty and all that. Doesn’t matter because I cannot be a food blogger as I explained before HAHA. Everything was YUMZ. Pork ribs, veg, soft shell crab and rice omg so super duper yummy. Never really liked soft shell crab BUT I’VE CHANGED MY MIND. And I’m so proud of us for ordering veg because we’re not veggie girls hahaha. HEALTHY. Not really. But yeah slightly healthy. Even the veg was yummy.

We took really long to eat hahaha. Like almost two hours? We sat there and ate really slowly. In retrospect we really ordered A LOT. The bill came up to about $25 per person oops. But then again we couldn’t decide among the dishes D: WE WANTED TO TRY MORE INITIALLY HAHA. Definitely need to go back w more people to order more food heh heh.

When we finally finished eating (COMPLETLY BLOATED FROM FOOD OMG) we decided to walk back to the MRT instead of taking the bus like we did when we went there. And I’M SO GLAD WE DID BECAUSE WE MET OUR J1 GP TUTOR ^^I shall call him Mr B in case he Googlesย his name and finds this omg it would be slightly embarrassing.

It’s q funny I like to tell people ‘hey I met Mr B at Geylang hurhur’ and they’d be all ‘what was he doing there?!!’ HUR HUR HUR hahahahaha omg cheap thrill really. PJ’s reaction was the funniest – ‘EHHHHHH ~~ DON’T RUIN MY IMAGE OF HIM’

We were walking past a coffee shop when Hazel suddenly saw him and so we decided to stop and say hi. He invited us to have a seat so we chatted w him for q long! Luckily we did because it started drizzling while we were talking haha so we weren’t caught in the drizzle yay. It was nice to talk to him because he’s q the cool teacher and idk he’s just really cool. Like incredibly smart and street smart at the same time. He always has really interesting and exotic experiences (not like me and Hazel omg explore a bit so excited already). I loved his GP lessons also. SO SLACK HAHAHA. But it’s not like we didn’t learn during GP (okay probably not as much as I learnt in J2 but it was a different kind of learning) So we talked about some of our schoolmates, about what he was doing there, about what he was going to be doing, about what we were doing, about his past etc etc it was really easy to talk to him plus he’s easy going so it was cool! ^^ Some awkward moments but conversation flowed q well I think!

Then he had to get back to his shop so Hazel and I asked if we could tag along to see what it was like. IT WAS WEIRD HAHA. I’ve never been in a card gamer.. shop.. place idk what it is -.- before. So yay to new experiences! We continued chatting there but .. we didn’t know how to end the conversation LOL. In the end he just said he had to get back to work so we made our escape also haha.


After that Hazel and I went to Lick! ๐Ÿ˜€ Her favourite ice cream I think. It was okaaaaaay their flavours aren’t really my cup of ice cream. AND I REALISE I cannot really eat ice cream w her because she likes flavours that I don’t.

2013-01-16 16.21.37

pretty colours!
pretty colours!

The colours are pretty aren’t they! But I only liked one pink and one brown one. We had strawberry, coffee, watermelon and gula melaka. Guess which ones were the ones she wanted and which ones were the ones I wanted. The ones I liked were niceee! But the ones she liked MEH. I was okaaaay w one of them and the other was urgh why on earth does Hazel like it kinda thing.

Super duper mega full after that.

Travelled back to Thomson Plaza and because she wanted something savoury after all that sweet (time w me LOL) we went to KFC for another full meal.





Kidding HAHA. But we did share a snack box thing w popcorn chicken and fries omg i tell you that day was the fattest day in the calendar of fat days.

And here I end the post about our exploring gosh now that I look back on it I really feel mega guilty. BUT WHAT’S DONE IS DONE AND IT’S MORE IMPORTANT THAT I ENJOYED THE FOOD AND THE GOOD TIMES W DEAR HAZEL โค

Exploring w Hazelyyyyy

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