Queen In-Hyun’s Man

IS MY CURRENT DRAMA. And it’s so so much better than TTBY really. I started watching it because I’ve heard good reviews of the drama plus the leads are dating in real life teehee. How cute is that ^^ My mum was watching this on Channel U last year but I refused to watch it (I realise my mum and I alike in that way. Stubborn when we don’t wanna watch shows hahaha. Like how she refuses to watch RM urgh. I think we both rather discover things to watch on our own) I didn’t want to watch it initially because the male lead (Ji Hyun Woo) isn’t somebody I consider good looking. As you know, looks play a big part in the reason for me watching a drama HAHA. Oopsie daisy. But I finally decided to watch it on Thursday night because I was kinda sick of watching WGM and RM. AND IT WAS SO GOOD.

It’s more or less a love story but I really enjoyed it because the plot was so water tight. Okay not exactly 100% but there were no glaring plot holes and no sudden jumps in plot development for me to have to close BOTH eyes to (looking at you TTBY!!!) I’m not quite sure how to describe the plot. I was tempted to just copy and paste the plot synopsis from Wiki but that’s be rather lazy of me. The drama has Yoo In Na and Ji Hyun Woo playing Choi Hee Jin and Kim Boong Do. Hee Jin belongs in the 21st century and she’s an aspiringĀ actress. The way she was introduced in the drama was already so endearing. She plays the (sort of) typical klutzy female lead but has attitude reminiscent of Ha Ji Won’s character in Secret Garden. Then we have Kim Boong Do from the Joseon era. The serious, cool, calm and collected government official with a tragic past.

Basically he receives aĀ talismanĀ that allows him to time travel to Hee Jin’s era who oh ho! happens to be acting in a drama that depicts the events from the time period he’s living in. I really love that he didn’t do any stupid things in the 21st century. He remained true to his calm character and systemically analysed his surroundings and the different circumstance he was in. MY FAVOURITE THING IN THE DRAMA IS THAT HE’S SO DARN SMART. Which makes up for him not being that good looking.

His character to me, is a perfect foil for Hee Jin’sĀ impulsiveness. But it also makes the moments when he does (slightly) childish acts because of his jealousy even more endearing. It was SO CUTE when he sprayed water in Han Dong Min’s (the second male lead)Ā face when he was trying to kiss Hee Jin. Aww x10!!

The drama is the kind that really surprises. Like we definitely know that Hee Jin and Boong Do will definitely end up together (they’re the leads for goodness sake!) but the drama makes us wonder how they will get together. AGAIN this is unlike TTBY where we know they’ll end up together and that’s sorta it. Curious about how they will end up together but not thaaat curious. Not like this one where the way the main characters end up together is really a MYSTERY because the show isn’t all about their love since whatever they do will impact history (sorta).

I also liked that I understood the whole time warping thing in this drama. I remember I didn’t like Looper because the time travelling confused me and I just couldn’t get my head around the concept time had in the movie. But in this is makes sense because the drama very clearly illustrates that time isn’t exactly a linear concept. For example, it’s March 3 in the 21st century. Correspondingly, it’s March 3 in the Joseon era timeline. I’m not sure how to put it. It’s sort of like.. a circle? Or parallel lines hmm. Okay maybe more parallel lines. So as the time passes in the 21st century, it does as well in the Joseon era. The interesting thing is that whenever something changes or deviates from what was previously recorded as history (in the Joseon era) it will be changed in the modern timeline as well. Don’t think my explanation makes much sense D: But I understand it and that’s what matters!!

Oh and and I liked the fact that while I find the second male lead endearing, I don’t find myself cheering for him w her because he has obvious flaws that make him incompatible with Hee Jin. At the same time I don’t find him annoying and hateful because he’s still portrayed with the ‘good’ side in that he cares for Hee Jin but obviously not in the way that she needs/wants to be cared for. So that’s good! I feel really sad whenever I start liking the second male lead better because then the entire drama is kinda ruined because I know he’s destined for a forever alone existence D:

The realĀ villainsĀ in the drama are left in the Joseon era which of course deals with the whole political factions thing which I don’t really like watching. But this is okay because it’s balanced by the lighter scenes in the modern era. It’s interesting to watch how the happenings in the Joseon era impact the modern era; especially since she’s acting in the period drama depicting the Joseon era, whatever changes Boong Do makes in the Joseon era has an impact on the drama script.

About the route to their relationship, one thing that really stood out to me was the fact that the obstacles thrown in their way were REAL (at least, as real as real can be in a drama). It’s unlike the obstacles in idol dramas (lol my fav Taiwanese dramas of the past) where it seemed like they were placed there just for the couple to overcome and make the drama a bit longer. Okay I guess one thing that the drama has going for it is the fact that the couple’s main obstacle is how they’re 300 years apart LOL. Oh I thought about it then I realised what kind of obstacles I don’t really like. It’s the kind like in Devil Beside You (MY ABSOLUTE FAV DRAMA IN THE PAST). The couple like each other and they’re together but then suddenly the girl’s ex-crush shows up (apparently he’s been waiting for her to grow up) and after he creates some havoc in their lives, they overcome it and he disappears forever. Then the guy’s estranged brother turns up claiming to like the girl but is actually just envious of his brother. Then it goes on and on and the obstacles keep coming and disappearing. Everything that happens serve to strengthen the couple’s relationship and everything revolves around the couple’s affair. But Queen In-Hyun’s Man is not like that!! Probably because there is history involved so they also deal with the politics drama bit.

OH YES. I found the telephone booth in Queen In-Hyun’s Man really familiar and quickly I realised that it’s because it’s identical to the one in the All For You live performance (from Reply 1997)!! Okay I guessss telephone booths all look kinda similar but this one is likeĀ gaudilyĀ red and yknw.. RED. Hahaha watch!! Oh plus the two dramas are produced by tvn so.. it’s probably the same booth right. Talk about making full use of their props hahaha.

All For You

Queen In-Hyun’s Man fan-made MV. Telephone booth appears in 0:29.

Urgh I can’t remember what else. While watching the drama there were so many moments when I went like oh my gosh that’s so awesome that’s so cool SO WELL DONE (lol like steak). But then I cannot remember it now D:

Oh and really ENOUGH WITH THE REFERENCES TO SECRET GARDEN I THINK. Even in this drama there was the whole drinkĀ cappuccino and oops! cream on my lips the guy will wipe it off for me scene. SO DONE WITH THAT ALREADY. Okay but at least he didn’t kiss it off this time. Maybe it wasn’t a reference to Secret Garden but still, it’sĀ reminiscentĀ of it.

I liked that in this drama it was often the girl taking the initiative. Like she’s usually the one to kiss him first (even lying to him about how it’s the customs of the 21st century LOL how dense do you think he is) but then he’s the one who makes the second move (A. DEEPER. KISS.) HAHA. YOU GO GIRL. None of that weak simpering miss here. True that she was kind of helpless in the drama but it really can’t be helped after all, he’s the one who has the ability to time travel. All she can do is just wait for him to appear. THANKFULLY her life doesn’t revolve around waiting for him and she actually WORKS. Though he’s always in her thoughts, it’s not like he’s the only thing she thinks about which is really good I think because in too many dramas we see how the girl just GIVES UP EVERYTHING for her lover. Like she starts to exist for him urgh.

I just finished the drama this afternoon and while it’s true that the explanation for how he came back to the 21st century is kinda iffy, I’m more than willing to overlook it because everything else was given a good explanation and I (nowadays) find that quite important. I’m a little disappointed that we didn’t get to see more of the side characters and their reactions on his return but I guess the fact that they’re finally together is good enough. Actually the ending kinda pales in comparison to the rest of the show :/ BUT STILL. I’d give the drama a 9/10. Okay my rating is given q randomly but still, it ranks high on my favourite dramas list. The characters were lovable, the plot moved easily andĀ believably, the scenes were pretty. ALL IN ALL A GREAT DRAMA (gooddrama) METHINKS.

The conclusion is to go watch it. That’s all! ^^

Queen In-Hyun’s Man

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