Saturday was such a driving day whee!! Initially I thought I wouldn’t be able to drive much this weekend because of the 08 chalet but in the end wow I drove so much more than last weekend yay. I think my parents are q supportive in my endeavour. They keep giving me opportunities to drive! So thankful 🙂 Especially my daddy who always always sits next to me when I’m driving (also because he doesn’t trust me yet but it’s okay because I don’t trust myself either).

Saturday morning I was sitting at home watching WGM (as usual) then my mum asked if I wanted to drive her to Thomson Plaza for her Pilates class. So I was like ooh okay short trip anyway. BUT I WAS SO WRONG. I drove her there at 11.15am. Then my daddy and I went to TPY for him to fix his electronic thing. The wait was rather long so by the time we left it was already the end of my mum’s Pilates class so we decided to go pick her up. Drove back to Thomson Plaza but she wasn’t ready because she was buying me Subway yay so I drove around the houses next to Thomson Plaza. SO MEGA TIRING I TELL YOU. Stressful also because sometimes the road so narrow but there will be a car coming STRAIGHT AT ME and then I’m just like omgomgomg what do I do how do I move will he hit me yeah yknw. So I was v tired by the time my mum was ready. Superrr tensed hahaha, Mum got into the car and we had to drive to J8 to drop her off. Called my sissy and ooh guess what, she was at J8 finishing her lunch. So I could drive her to her friend’s house for tuition. Which I did. Then I could finally drive home. It was about.. 2pm by then. MY FIRST CHAUFFEURING EXPERIENCE. Now I know how my dad feels haha. So glad my parents are willing to ferry us around whee now I appreciate it even more!

So I nua-ed at home for quite awhile because tired after driving. Then got ready for ballet and went for ballet. Expected ballet to finish by 7.15pm but she surprised the entire class by finishing at 6.25pm. FIRST TIME SHE ENDED SO EARLY. I was quite at a loss hahaha. Hung around waiting for my daddy to pick me up to go home where I got ready to go for chalet yayyyyyy!

I DROVE TO PASIR RIS OKAY HOW COOL AM I. Hahaha the longest distance ever I think. Unless you count all that driving around. It was my first time on an expressway and also my first time driving to a faraway unknown place. Because I generally have been driving to the places that my family frequent yup. OH and I drove ST there also. Apparently I drive like I’m playing Mario Kart. Which means I should be not bad at it right. MLSQ I’M READY TO CHALLENGE. I never knew it was so far from Bishan to Pasir Ris zz. So tiring. But I made it safely there yay!! :D:D

Okay I’ll blog about the chalet in another post because this is meant to be about driving.

Hmm what else.

Oh I drove my sister back home after school some time earlier this week. (A/N when I say I drove I actually mean I drove w my daddy/mummy next to me) She was so excited to see me at the driver’s seat that she hopped skipped to the car teehee.

And I drove my entire family back home from J8 today! First time my brother was in the car w me in the driver’s seat. Now he can’t wait to drive.

I secretly (now not so secretly) feel v happy and like a swell of pride whenever I see how excited my siblings are about some milestone I reach (i.e. driving in this case). It’s quite sweet and heartwarming but I suspect they’re also thinking like ‘can’t wait till it’s my turn ~~’ hahaha. But they’re so supportive and cute and aww love you sissy I know you’re reading this :D:D


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