Eventful Friday ^^

Friday was the last day of my holiday (not including the weekends) and it was megaaaa eventful. Here’s what I did! ^^

My daddy drives to Malaysia for work daily and I accompanied him there that day! First time and I was pretty excited. Kinda felt a bit like those Bring Your Kid to Work day yknw hahaha. It was a longgg drive and I slept for awhile. But it was interesting to see the um empty land HAHA. Malaysia really has a lot of free spaces. The reason for me following him to work was FIELD TRIPPPPPP :D:D My cousin said that she’d be going to visit the factory so I decided to tag along because it’s a rare opportunity to tour the factory. So field trip day w Organiser Chia hahaha.

However the terrible thing was that.. Friday was also the last day of bidding. So with the end of Friday marks the milestone of me having had two bidding experiences. This time was WAY WORSE. I forgot to check on my bidding status before bidding closed in round 2A so I failed to get my module. As a result I had to choose some other modules to take and bid for it on Friday (9am-5pm). But since I was in Malaysia, I wasn’t able to get access to a computer. My phone could go online tho because there was WiFi in the factory. BUT IT DIDN’T ALLOW ME TO LOG IN FOR SOME STUPID REASON. I tried many many times. The odd thing was that PJ could log in to my account. So I was q frustrated and put it at the back of my mind.

Anyway I arrived at the factory before my uncle and my cousins so I was wandering around w my dad. Then they arrived and I went to find them and after sitting around for awhile my uncle brought us on the tour wheeee!

It was pretty cool because I haven’t seen it before. It was a lot of machinery at first tho so I didn’t take many pictures. I was quite amazed actually hahaha. It sort of felt like the documentaries we see on TV. Can’t believe my daddy encounters it daily. Oh and did you know there’s actually a machine that can FOLD the cardboard boxes. How cool is that!!!!! Oh there was also a small laboratory in the factory which smelt really really weird but it was q cool the lab. Not really like a science lab but.. there was a weighing thingy. Never mind.

The tour was kinda like a going backwards thing. So first we saw the packed boxes of soy sauce, then we saw how it was packed, then we saw how it was made. Yup.

i've bean here!
i’ve bean here!

Those are beans!! I don’t remember what stage this is already haha. But it’s kinda cool, coated w flour to help it ferment or something. And the place has to be kept cool because the beans are really hot and they just cool the beans for like 3-4 days there. Such a laxing life the beans.

I don’t really get the process because my uncle was speaking in a mix of Cantonese and Chinese. I always feel slightly upset about my (lack of) proficiency in my dialect and Chinese when I hang out w my cousins/extended family. They all speak so fluently and I’m just like meh. Stringing a sentence together w/o a word of English is already so difficult to me, not to mention speaking it fluently. Meh D: So conversations are usually them speaking in Cantonese to me and me replying in English :/

little houses for the beans
little houses for the beans

So the beans are emptied into containers and sunned for a longggg time (depending on the grade/kind of the soy sauce you’re making) and yeah stuff happens and you get the bottled soy sauce. Quite cool I learnt quite a bit I think. Also the factory looks like a good place to play hide and seek in.

After the tour we went for lunch at some place famous for.. bitter gourd soup :X eeks. Not a person who drinks the soup but I didn’t want to protest so yup bitter gourd soup it was. But my uncle and cousins ordered other stuff too so yay.

Lunch -> Giant -> adventure w my cousins then they dropped me off at SN 😀

I really enjoyed my morning with the cousins. It was one of the few times I’m hanging out w them like that and I was a bittt scared it’d be awkward but they were really nice and yknw it wasn’t that bad ^^ Yayzors!

Oh and I’m really really sorry to Jomainy and Melissa because I forgot to tell them that I went to Malaysia and they couldn’t contact me (because we were supposed to meet but I was still MIA in Malaysia). They seemed quite panicked eeks sorry babes I won’t do it again!

So yup I met Melissa and Jomain (who drove!!) and we went to SN to eat…

noodles in orange bowls
noodles in orange bowls

Affectionately termed orange bowl by SN girls, noodles from this stall is a huge reason why SN girls go back to their school. So when they say they want to eat orange bowl they actually mean the noodles in orange bowls and not the bowls itself. 

TBH I’ve never felt an overwhelming love towards orange bowl haha. I was more into.. blue bowl. And the toast stall. Was thinking of getting blue bowl actually!! But it was too far away from the orange bowl stall and I was lazy to walk so I bought the smallest portion and later ATE MY CHOCOLATE BANANA TOAST YUMMMMMMMMZ. It tasted as good as before omg I love love choc banana toast. SN is the only place (that I know) where you can order choc banana toast / chicken floss cheese toast / tuna cheese toast etc. WHATEVER YOU WANT THE AUNTIE WILL MAKE HAHAHA. So magical right. I love toast.

Then we walked around SN, tried to find our way around the completely different new campus. Felt quite lost TBH. I miss the homely feeling I had when I stepped into the old SN campus. The colourful walls and mirrors everywhere. Now it’s so bright (which is good) and white and blue (school colours) and.. so much open space. Just not used to it. Doesn’t feel as homely anymore :X  it’s probably because I completely have no memories in that strange new campus so yeah. But the extension block is (kind of) still the same!! So yay to that. And I can still see my house from SN (LOL as if that’d ever change). Felt so familiar yet foreign sigh. The image of the old SN campus is still vaguely floating around in my head. I’m trying v hard to catch hold of it and keep it in my brain which for some reason has v small capacity. Maybe all the other stuff gets stored in archives or something so I cannot access it.

Took quite a few pictures, explored some more then.. it was time to leave. Jomain dropped Melissa and I off at AMK Hub in her fancy car w no aircon but it was cool. Then both of us went to the arcade at the top of AMK Hub which was too noob because there were so few games and it was so noisy. So we decided to go to MOF and in Melissa’s words ‘act lesbian’ hahaha. Which basically means we sat on a couch, ate ice cream, took pictures. But it was great fun nonetheless. This year has been such a Melissa year so far omg I’ve been meeting her so often YAY :D:D:D

Melissa’s summary of our day together is : orange bowl and toasts and nuaing and being lesbians 

Which is more or less right hahaha.

After that I hurried to Thomson Plaza where I had a tiring ballet lesson and then dinner w my mum and then I drove home and that’s all.

Eventful day wasn’t it! 😀 Hope you weren’t too bored reading it whee. One of my favourite days in 2013 so far teehee.


Oh yes a super super big thank you to my dearest raroro who saved me in my time of need by helping me bid for the modules so now I have five modules for Y1S2 if now I’ll be so worried still. THANK YOU SO MUCH RARORO you are a true lifesaver. She even made the clever decision to dump all my points for the biz mod I’m taking because if not I wouldn’t have been able to get it. Also thanks to dear PJ who tried to help me love you two much much much I am so lucky to have the both of you <3<3

Eventful Friday ^^

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