Back to NJ

in more ways than one.

I’ve been looking forward to this day for quite some time! ^^ Since last year, ST has been saying that he wants to go back to NJ on Wednesday to eat 麦片鸡饭 and he decided on 9 Jan because it’s the Wednesday he’s off. And coincidentally, we found out that 9 Jan is the day of SH school tours! So it was a great great great choice to go back today. Our initial plan was to go back at 1pm (because the side gate opens then sigh, the days when our schedule revolved around side gate opening hours), eat fried food then go to the arcade w Melissa then I’ll go for the council dinner. The council dinner completely popped out of nowhere really. Suddenly somebody suggested a meet up and it ballooned to include the entire council and.. it was kinda nice to meet everyone again. More about that later!

I watched WGM at home till ST was about ready then I got ready to leave too! But I was still too late and couldn’t hop onto his 852 D: We ended up taking another 852 tho. The journey to school was so familiar and nice wheeeeee. Oh yes our plan was to pretend to be prospective J1s and attend the school tour. Ask annoying and rather stupid questions and act blur. ST had another level tho, he planned to whip out his NJ towel at the end of the tour for the tour guides to be shocked but he forgot about that plan -.-

Climbed the grand stand steps and up to the canteen and we were greeted by the sight of rui rui awwwwwwww! :D:D:D ran over to give him a huge hug that qt boy. And the rest of his class was there too! They’re really my favourite bunch of juniors haha. All so cute and funny. Lovely kids they are. Hope they remain friends for a long long time. Can’t believe they’re SH1 this year already. When we first met, the boys were still in shorts!! Now they’re all grown up :’) Didn’t manage to take a pic w all of them because some left quite early D: OH YES. Unfortunately 麦片鸡饭 was sold out by the time we got there D: Sorry ST hahaha. So we had nacho chicken cutlet instead which was also yummy and the Western stall uncle actually recognised us!! So touched omg. We graduated like more than a year ago eh. 😀 😀 Shows how often we buy from that stall right lol.

After that we embarked on our school tours, telling everybody that ruirui and Alden were our primary school friends LOL. Some people actually believed us I think. But after awhile it got kinda difficult because people kept coming to say hi because they were surprised that we were back and we were too excited to be back hahaha. I think we were sort of successful during the tour (but rui kept saying that we blew our own cover D: ) we epic-ly failed at the end of the tour tho. Because the guide (a really nice Lignum girl we found out later) was testing us what Aqua and Lignum meant (Latin names of elements!) and I excitedly responded ‘Water! Wood!’ Guess the Lignum bit was too obvious hahaha. Plus we were over eager hahaha omg eager beaver oopsie daisy. But it was nice to walk around school and look see look see w our dear juniors.

After that we talked around some more and met more juniors. The JH1s were having their orientation aww the puny kids haha. But some of them look taller than me how can this be. We visited LT5, LT1, the hall, xiao library and then the field. LOL. But it started raining so we moved to the grand stand.

i don't even know what we were doing
i don’t even know what we were doing
doesn't look like they're 3 years apart
doesn’t look like they’re 3 years apart

After ruirui left to go to his shooting range (the forbidden area. I’ve only been in there what, twice? in my two years) ST and I wandered back into the canteen and saw Ms Kavi. Her majesty sat us down and a table and we had a nice chat. It was quite nice to just.. listen to her. Some things still remain the same. Then she gave us the task to ASSESS HER TOUR GUIDES HAHAHAHA. Imagine our excitement.

We posed as prospective year 1s again and this time we were waaaayyyy more serious about it. We played it cool, hung back, melted into the background, didn’t answer the tricky house-related questions and.. TRICKED THE GUY HAHAHAHA. I felt kinda bad though because he was so earnest haha. Tried to drop hints that we weren’t year 1s but.. he didn’t get it. Maybe it was better that he doesn’t know. He even wished us good luck for our O level results “Open the slip and you’ll see all A’s!” I felt quite bad oops. But he was a good guide! Answered questions well and stuff ^^

Then we met Yam 1 and Yam 2 haha. Walked around school some more, met Ng Ray, went to control room (empty!!) then finally it was time to leave. It was a great time back at NJ w ST ^^ It’s always fun to go back once in a long time. Meeting up w the kids again and some of the teachers 🙂

Yammy boy and I were headed to J8 for a *gasp* Council dinner. Quite a surprise because IMO our council wasn’t v close. I never really went for any council outings because I felt quite awkward but this time I figured that I’ve raroro and it really has been a long time since I met up w those people. After all, we did kinda suffer together so.. there has to be a bit of something in that group of people right. So I went! ^^ It was okay I guess. I thought it’d be awkward but it was just like some gossip session haha. But it was v nice to see Makos again and raroro whom I haven’t seen in a week. Some of the guys too. I think C3 is quite easy to talk to, actually he was the only guy I was talking to -.- The rest were too far away. Plus… I never really spoke to them when we were in Council anyway.

It was a super day super super back to NJ day whee. Friday’s back to SN day so we’ll see how that goes!

Back to NJ

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