I’ve been looking for variety shows to watch lately because I finished TTBY but don’t have the patience to watch another drama (also because I think it will pale in comparison to Reply 1997). So I was searching for MBLAQ / BEAST variety shows to watch ^^ So I ended up starting on BEAST’s BEAST Almighty (but stopped after ep 1 part 1) and Idol Maid (stopped after ep 1). I tried watching SHINee’s Hello Baby which was getting kinda interesting because I like Min Ho but the quality was rather bad and I couldn’t really find good ones on YouTube D:

SO I WATCHED WGM. Hahaha I’ve been wanting to watch this for awhile. Except for the Khuntoria couple, the rest of the more famous couples seemed rather cute. But it’s really daunting and confusing so I was quite reluctant to start. Oh I say except Khuntoria because NICHKHUN IS SO NICE TO VICTORIA SIGH SIGH SIGH. Jealous ttm hahaha I want also. It’s like how I couldn’t continue watching Personal Taste because Lee Min Ho was so sweet to the girl. PJ wants to fight w me for Nichkhun 😥 And she’s win because she’s a softballer. But then after killing me she’d be able to save me because she’s a red cross warrior by night. TEEHEE.

Susu told me to watch the horror special which featured the Adam couple, Khuntoria and YongSeo couples! I watched it in the day because I was too scared to watch at night LOL. IT WAS SO CUTE. And Nichkhun really super super sweet to Victoria, she’s so lucky. Jo Kwon was hilarious in the episode hahaha. I haven’t laughed so much since.. I found Running Man funny. HAHA. RM sort of got a bit boring after watching too many episodes at one go D: But the latest episodes look v exciting omg BECAUSE THE GUESTS. I really like Yong Hwa a lot better now after watching him on variety shows. The characters he played in dramas were really all v boring so.. never really liked him.

Anyway I’m now watching the dimple couple! ^^ Lee Teuk and Kang Sora. SO MEGA CUTE LEE TEUK. There was a rather amusing pun. He was romanteuk. HAHA I really found it quite funny. He was so incredibly sweet to her on their first and second dates (that’s as far as I’ve gotten) and as always I can’t help but think if only that was me ~ On the first date he brought her to some really nice looking place and prepared a little performance for her. I know I said that I think it’d be weird watching a guy perform for you but idk, watching the two of them was quite lovely. I guess it’s different if the guy makes an effort to prepare something extra special? It’s even more endearing when he made mistakes hahaha gosh so cute!! Then on the second date he surprised her x2. SO HARDWORKING ~ Even flew all the way to Busan w her and then back to Seoul immediately. He didn’t have anything to do in Busan, just wanted to accompany her on the flight there aww~ THE BENEFITS OF BEING RICH + A CELEBRITY. And he’s really my type of guy. As in the type of guy I love watching in dramas hahaha. He’s so protective of her! And the slightly jealous type teehee. How nice.

I think the funniest thing is how incredibly awkward they all are at the first meeting. I mean like, they need to act like they’re married when they’re only meeting for the first time. How awkward can that get man.

On the topic of WGM, I think it would be quite a fascinating object to analyse for cultural studies. On the whole, reality shows are really rich objects to study IMO. But this one can almost take the cake. Think about it. It’s about celebrities pretending to be married on a REALITY show. So both parties are aware that their relationship isn’t real but they have to act like it’s real but then they’re not really supposed to act since it’s supposed to be a reality show (which by definition captures the participants ‘true’ emotions)… I don’t even know what I’m saying anymore. But you get how messed up it is right. It’s so layered and complex. Yet everything disappears once you start watching it hahaha. I guess fans enjoy it because it seems as though there are real emotions involved in each couple (grr Khuntoria) and they like seeing the more romantic (romanteuk omg haha) side of their idol? Nevertheless, the programme is really .. strange haha.

That said, it’s obvious that I enjoy it though. HAHA. My friends should know that I like watching this kind of things. WGM totally caters to my fangirl instincts man. It’s like made for me. But I’m not going to watch the Kangin one.

That’s all ~

Tomorrow promises to be an exciting day, and I promise to update about it soon! ^^


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