To the Beautiful You

I just finished TTBY! Second drama I finished after Reply 1997 and it paled in comparison.

!!! Spoilers ahead, don’t read if you plan on watching the drama !!! 

I was just really really bothered by the plot holes throughout the drama and how they’d jump from scene to scene without proper transition. I remember being very confused about when Tae Joon (Choi Min Ho *squeal) started caring for Jae Hee (Sulli) because it seemed quite abrupt. He’d be terse and mean to her at one moment and the next he’d be protecting her from something. The plot was just.. really bad. I didn’t like it.

But the drama is SO PRETTY. There were so many pretty scenes and the people in the drama ALSO SO PRETTY. Really like all of them are good looking. HOW CAN IT BE POSSIBLE SIGH. I really liked Tae Joon at first because of Min Ho but after awhile (especially nearing the end) I got really annoyed by the Tae Joon/Jae Hee couple and watched to the end only because I wanted to see what would happen to her after everyone found out (quite anti-climatic if you were wondering). It’s such a pity because I did enjoy the drama at first (like the first two episodes) then I got quite annoyed by the plot holes. After I got over it, I enjoyed the drama because there were a number of squeal-y moments. THEN IT ALL WENT DOWNHILL WHEN EUN GYUL (Lee Hyun Woo) FOUND OUT JAE HEE’S A GIRL. Because he highlighted how incredibly LACKING she is as a friend and it felt sort of like she was such a .. boring character. Her entire life seemed to revolve around Tae Joon and it just got quite creepy how she’d know things like his shoe size and take down his high jump scores and idk she seemed too obsessive. Tae Joon at least had his high jump to redeem himself but her *sigh* didn’t like her character.

Another reason why I finished the drama is also because of Lee Hyun Woo:

doesn't think make you smile!
doesn’t this make you smile!

His character is so adorable and I really really liked his optimism (even tho sometimes he was a bit dumb but it’s okay) and his friendship w his roommate and Jae Hee (WHO IS A BAD FRIEND). I felt so incredibly sorry for him to suffer the sad fate of being friends w a girl who didn’t appreciate his friendship. Didn’t even respect him enough to perhaps hint to him that she’s a guy so that he wouldn’t feel so torn up about being a gay because he thought she was a guy. She just let him think that she was uncomfortable (as a guy) to have another guy liking him MAKING HIM FEEL GUILTY. See why I don’t like her!!!!! Gosh I was really upset that day which kinda spoilt the rest of the drama for me.

Anyway he’s my favourite character in the drama hands down. Besides the senior. And the teachers. Hahaha I think the side characters really made the drama good. It was all the small moments that saved the drama (for me). The main plot was too.. holey. And diluted. I didn’t like it. Which made it quite difficult for me to appreciate the sweet moments between the main couple because I was too cynical/ angry for Eun Gyul. I guess if I looked at the scenes in isolation I’d be all *squeaaaaaal. But it just felt like a betrayal to Eun Gyul SIGH.

Oh and the product placement in the drama was WAY OBVIOUS. It was like a game of Can You Spot the SM! We had Exo-K’s cameo in the second episode, TTS/SNSD songs in the background. Min Ho doing the Sherlock dance, while saying ‘do you think you’re Sherlock’ (I thought that was quite hilarious tho). But okay I understand, after all it’s a SM production with both leads from SM -.- Also there was the all characters using the Samsung Galaxy S3 phone (SAME AS ME!! ^^) and it was a tutorial of how to use the camera (ooh look it’s a burst shot!), how to view videos (did you know you can watch in a mini screen while doing something else?), and other text messaging functions. Oh and the camera Tae Joon carries around (wow it can email directly to your S3 phone!) TOO OBVIOUS.

Min Ho and Sulli were great in the drama tho. Even tho their characters sucked. I really liked looking at his face throughout the drama. HAHA. Not enough of him in OMS.

I’d rate the drama.. 2/5 smiley faces because of the supporting cast and the bromance moments and the scenery and the pretty-ness of the drama.

To the Beautiful You

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