MBLAQ Goes to School


It was only five episodes long and basically it’s about Kim Soo Ro helping MBLAQ to try to get into Seoul National University (which according to the show is really difficult to get into and only 1% of the students are accepted). It’s quite ridiculous isn’t it. They were given a month to prepare for the test and on top of that they had their own schedules and English was tested as well. Which is so so unfair gosh.

The first few episodes (not episode 1 that scammer episode) were so cute and funny oh my Mir’s English!! Then it got sad because it seemed like they were really putting in a lot of effort. Episode 4 and 5 were TERRIBLE and heartbreaking I almost wanted to cry they were so anxious about their results and to hear that they failed.. urgh. Idk it’s just a terrible show IMO. The goal (SNU) was set waaaayyyy too high and it was like they were doomed to fail because how can you prepare for a university entrance exam in just a month.

And the ending was quite a WHAT IS THAT THE END kind of ending because they just showed how upset MBLAQ was and the producers and Kim Soo Ro asking ‘what do we do now’ AND SUDDENLY STATIC AND NO MORE. Seriously. What is wrong with you, show.

I hope the show was scripted because if they were really as disappointed as they seemed on the show sigh. I KNOW WHAT IT FEELS LIKE TO STUDY HARD AND NOT DO WELL MBLAQ ❀

Now I need to go watch some happy MBLAQ videos to get rid of this terrible sad image of them that’s in my head now 😦 They’re always so bright and happy. Seeing them so upset breaks my heart.

Sorry if this and the previous post haven’t been v interesting to you hahaha. WILL POST ABOUT MY LIFE SOON BECAUSE IT’S ABOUT TO GET MORE HAPPENING.

MBLAQ Goes to School

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