YES I AM!!!! :D:D

I passed my driving test yesterday (4 Jan) in the most spectacular fashion. A bit lazy to type out everything now because I have told and retold the story several times. But given my goldfish memory I’ll probably forget it by the end of the year. So I’ll update this post again with how I managed to (surprisingly) pass my driving test!

Thanks so much to my dearest friends who wished me good luck and gave me advice (namely Hazel, Melissa, raroro, Sherlyn, Shaun) and to my friends who were so happy for me when they knew I passed (the people mentioned earlier + PJ and ST) Special mention goes to Hazel who was so incredibly sweet throughout the entire time. When I was OTW to my driving LESSON she was saying that her heart was beating v fast because she was nervous for me!! And then just before my test she kept encouraging me in her weird little ways and it was v touching. After my test when I checked my Whatsapp, I realised she was like texting me ALL THE WAY HAHA. Really so sweet omg I felt v touched :’) Thanks Hazel Wazel I love you long time!!


Okay that’s it for this post because I wanted to greet 2013 with the happy news that I’ve passed my driving test.



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