Happy days w Melissa

Melissa! :)
Melissa! 🙂


I kid.

Anyway Melissa and I finally went out on 2 Jan Wednesday. FINALLY. After our birthday celebration (actually when I say it like that it sounds q sad. Celebrate for ourselves.. sigh) in Sept. I was early so I walked around nex and got myself a new skirt woohoo. Reminded me that I need to go shopping. RAROROOOOO AND PJ let’s go shopping. Melissa and I met up to have lunch at our favourite Lenas because we have the MOF card hoho. Wed’s special was pasta so we ordered pasta (30% off!) and plus we had additional discount because of the membership card.. “the deals just keep getting better!”

Lunch was good (of course) pasta was yummy and talking to Melissa is always funny because she’s a funny girl. I think our sense of humour is quite similar (a point that becomes rather important later) so that’s good. Maybe mine is slightlyyyyyy lamer. During lunch she popped the question.



“Do you wna watch Wreck-It Ralph” HAHAHA GOTCHA 😉

I was a bit like meh but I remembered that Hazel was q enthusiastic about watching the film plus I had time so I was like okay why not! Plus there was a suitable timing yay. So we walked around then went to buy the tickets. Then we went to buy popcorn and went into the theatre.

THE SEATS WERE SO COMFY OMGGGG. EVEN BETTER THAN GV VIVOCITY RARORO. So spacious and you can lean back because the chair is high enough for your head (VERY IMPORTANT TO ME BECAUSE I SO TALL) I was so pleasantly surprised when I sat down and it was like whoaaaa COMFY.

There was a short film before the movie actually started which sort of confused me but okay. It was q a sweet film.

THE MOVIE WAS FUNNY. ^^ So punny and lame hahahaha. MILK MY DUDS. LAUGHY TAFFY. The story was simple too! Really a movie for the kids haha. Who unfortunately did not seem to find the movie as funny as Melissa and I did. The audience was so quiet boo D: A woman was even snoring behind Melissa zz -.- Annoying much. Reminds me of the time the row behind was sniffing while watching A Werewolf Boy. Mood killer much. But I really enjoyed the movie. It’s cute and funny and bright because it was in a candy land and I sort of felt like I was getting a tooth cavity looking at all the sweets oh yeah Melissa ASSORTED (smth I forgot) WITH NUTS. Yeah so I enjoyed the movie. Go watch it if you have spare cash if not.. watch it when the DVD is out or something. I don’t really think it’s a movie you HAVE to watch in a cinema (unlike A Werewolf Boy teehee) but it’s an enjoyable movie that’d make your day if you watched it.

After the movie we decided to go to the arcade because it was in line with the movie. PLAYED LET’S GO ISLAND WHICH IS THE SUCCESSOR OF LET’S GO JUNGLE.

About Let’s Go Jungle:

It’s completely addictive and really challenging. We play the roles of Norah and Ben and start off in a Jeep killing spiders. Soon, our guide dies and we’re left to our own devices! Devices of course, refers to our guns (yay!) and .. paddles I think. To hit the gross frogs with. I really don’t like frogs. Anyway. After we finish the first stage, we get to choose where to go. So we usually go to the River Cruise thing. Which leads us to frogs, gross blood sucking eel like things, flying fish and all that. We even lose our guns! D: So we use the paddles to kill the frogs.

After the River Cruise, we go to the elephant ride! I LOVE THIS PART.
We stumble into an abandoned village with chickens running around. With nothing to shoot, Ben and Norah (OTTer and I) shoot the chickens. HAHA. Nothing happens to the chickens of course :/ Then we realise there a bigger fish to fry. Or in this case, more spiders to kill. So we bang bang bang them. 😀

We escape from another spiders (Too many spiders I know. But it’s all the mushroom fault!) and hear a voice of a boy. I LOVE THE BOY. He has a Baljeet accent. Maybe worse idk. BUT IT’S REALLY SUPER FUNNY. We end up speaking like him after every game. Ya that aside, we help him save his elephant in return for a ride to the he-li-port ~ (the way he says it).
At the heliport, we learn that it’s the mushrooms (growing out from the drums!) that cause all the bad stuff to happen. THEN WE BATTLE MEDUSAAAAAAAAAAA. AKA the Venus Fly Trap thing that keeps growing. This is the most challenging part! Because it never seems to die D:

Finally, we kill it and get rescued by the.. rescuers. The boy gives Norah his necklace that looks really ugly. But Ben says it looks good on her. Maybe the blue beads matches her eyes or something.

ANYWAY. We get on the helicopter and learn more about the island. Then suddenly! The giant butterflies attack. How disappointing. I thought that butterflies were nice and fluttery. So we kill the butterflies. BUT THEN WE MISSED THE LAST PART!! So Ben and Norah didn’t end up together and.. a stupid mushroom was growing out of the back of the neck of the man driving the helicopter!!
So OTTer and I were very excited thinking more was to come.

Then we saw the credits -.-
But at least we finished the game! Finally. After three tries. Or more.

The above is what I wrote in 2010 (WHEN I WAS SUPPOSED TO BE STUDYING FOR MY LIT O’s) after ST and I completed the game. Greatest achievement of 2010 I called it.

I was v excited when I saw Let’s Go Island so Melissa and I played it. IT’S SO FUNNY HAHAHAHAHAH I CANNOT HELP BUT SCREAM BECAUSE IT’S SO SCARY THEN I LAUGH BECAUSE I SCREAM AND MELISSA SCREAM AND WE ALL SCREAM (not for ice cream but we had that too) I tell you. These games are HEART ATTACK INDUCING. Very exciting. ST we going to play right!! Melissa says we’re going to finish the game yay okay I must practise and make sure I don’t die so fast in the game. We played Starball where we threw balls at a flasher (omg the irony), at thieves and at floating hearts. It was v tiring. My right arm was slightly achy.

We had Baskin’ Robbins (was it after or before arcade. after I think) too! Because it was pink Wed yay I’ve always wanted to try it. SO CHEAP. S$5 only for two yummy scoops.

It was such an incredibly fun day out w Melissa :D:D

4 Jan I passed my driving (as I mentioned in earlier post) and I was rather hungry after the test because it was already about 3plus and I was still lunch-free D: Was thinking of just getting some fast food take away home then I texted (Line!) Melissa and she said she could meet me for lunch yay!! SO KIND OF HER :D:D So my first lunch as a qualified driver was w Melissa… :$ We went to nex again (really, nex is like one of my favourite malls haha) and decided on Fish&Co! I had yummy fish w weird flaky cheese in it but the fries and the red velvet cheesecake we later ordered were SO GOOD (or jts as she would put it) so yummy even tho the cake would have been nicer w more.. cake. Not that I’m complaining tho ^^ the cream cheese was so yumz! And sweet (just like me my type of food). As you can tell I’ll probably never be able to be a food reviewer LOL. Everything would just be yummy to me.

AFTER THAT WE WENT TO THE ARCADE AGAIN HAHAHA. Played let’s go island where I died EVEN FASTER THIS TIME. I’m so sorry for disappointing you Melissa D: then we had enough to play Mario kart (is that the name) which is a lot like Sugar Rush in Wreck-It Ralph. IT WAS FUN. Even tho I lost. My excuse is that Melissa is a more experienced driver teehee. And it was my first time playing the game. WHICH I REALISE is a lot of fun. Yay arcades are fun again!! ^^

Went home after that because I had to get ready for ballet which was tiring and the floor was slippery so I wasn’t v up to standard gotta work harder (like reciting some lines already gosh) really want a distinction!! D:


Oh yes wanted to say that Melissa has taken so many of my firsts.. :$

First friend I met in 2013
First person I played Let’s go Island/ Mario kart with
First person I met after getting my licence

.. Don’t remember already hahaha. SHY ~

Happy days w Melissa

5 thoughts on “Happy days w Melissa

    1. HAHAHA OH RIGHT That’s what I thought too. But I thought it was some chocolate thing.

      I thought of something today but I couldn’t figure out the pun. OHOH SOMETHING ABOUT ALMONDS. Do you remember??

    1. Hahaha after I typed it I was quite amused.

      Um sort of? Idk haha but I think the Council wna meet up (so shocking right) so idk what time/where they wna meet have to see how first! Are we just going to eat canteen food. I want my TEH BING.

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